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Ups & Downs of May: Monthly Rundown.

Yo! Yo! Yo!


I am going to introduce you to a new segment here in my blog!!!! (Alwayskeepingitfresh!)
Okay, its not really a new segment, but yeah, this is an update. But rather than making a random update entry, I’ll just do this…monthly. Ooohohohohoh.

Yeeeeee!! A Monthly Rundown!!

I always wanted to make this entry, but bruh, I’m lazy af. I have so many plans and ideas in my head, and yet none of them are made. LOL. But now, this month of May, it was…totally different. This month was…uuuuuhhhhh….a rollercoaster: physically, emotionally, financially (RIP wallet), and mentally. Yep, its one hell of a month. Ha! But! Let us not dwell in the negative side of things and I really really want to share more of the good stuff. Okay? Good.

This entry will feature alot of stuff that isn’t mine, I just discovered them through the web (internet is love) and I really like them. Credits to them and do check them out.

Aggretsuko Fever


I didn’t expect that this anime would get alot of attention. At first glance the anime looks like for kids, but from the reviews of alot of people (anitubers, animbloggers, fellow anime watchers), this anime is for adults. That’s interesting. If my memory is really helping me properly, I think Geoff of Mother’s Basement was the first one to post about Aggretsuko on Youtube. I’m not really sure, but the first one I saw was Goeff’s so maybe its his, you know what…I dunno. Lel.


Anyway, cuz of the hype and curiosity on my part, well, I watched it too…and it was really good.Most of them describe this one as uniquely entertaining, and at some point, very relatable especially to people who are working in a company similar with the anime. I haven’t finished it yet, so I can’t really share much about it, but do expect a review about it. Do check the anime out. You can find it on Netflix.

Hiding in Public’s amazing content

Exactly last year, I started following and watching youtubers. Usually, I only watch videos from the famous and known anitubers, but discovering new blood is quite fun to do too. One of the new youtubers I discovered was Hiding in Public. He recently came back from a hiatus, and he came back strong. I was already his fan after watching his old releases, but damn, he blew me away by his recent ones. His content are full of raw and deep feelings that I could totally relate. Please do check his channel out. He deserves some love. ❤ ❤

My sunken Ultimate Ship: TAENGSIC


Why did I watch this video?

When Taeyeon released her first full length album, Fine, I immediately fell in love with her song, Time Lapse. At that time, I didn’t even know WTF the song was about,, all I know is that the song is beautiful and at the same time, very painful to listen.

All of you guys might not know what is TaengSic. Well, TaengSic is a ship name for Taeyeon and Jessica. Both are Girls’ Generation members and was my 2nd & 3rd favorite members. Around 2014, Jessica left the group, which devastated me as a fan of the group, but also as a fan of the ship. The moment she left was the indication my ship sunked. And it freakin’ sucks and it hurts me beyond I could imagine. Now, one of my fav FMV youtuber, holgacity, released the video few months ago, but for unknown reason I was able to watch it. -_- Hence, me ugly crying while watching it.

You might be wondering my I’m sharing this. Well, I just want to share. That’s all. Another thing is that the video was done really well, for sure, peepz who doesn’t know shit would think its a legit video.

Anyway, enjoy the video.


Yeeeeeee!!! TPAB just celebrated his 6th anniversary few weeks ago. It’s amazing. He’s been in this community for 6 years. Damn. To commemorate this milestone, he made a list of posts containing the things he learned this year.


His entries impacted me greatly. I learnt alot just by reading his posts. I’m about to reach my anniversary myself, and yet I still feel that I’m lacking alot when it comes to writing, engaging with my followers and connecting with my fellow bloggers. Through his entries, I now have an idea how I am going to improve my blog. Thanks TPAB senpai!! 😉

Mental Comic’s Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Analysis


When I first watched Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, I just watched it nonchalantly and just enjoy everything I see. But dang, Mental Comic‘s analysis of the series definitely made me appreciate it more. He expressed that the dragon characters: Tohru, Lucoa, Fafnir, Kanna, and Elma, were all inspired by known mythological beings. His analysis was interesting and intriguing to read. Do check it out.

Arthifis’ Classroom: Getting More Google Hits! – First Class

Arthifis started a new segment on her blog called, Arthifis Classroom. The segment is where she discusses and teach us all sort of things. The firs class is about Getting More Google Hits.

Her entry definitely opened my eyes to a new world. LOL. What I meant is that I was able to learn alot through her class. I even applied some of her tips to improve my posts. Heheheheheh. You guys should too, so check her class now. 🙂

Ameithyst’s Love for Kamiki Ryuunosuke

Of course, Of course, I will include this. I mean, duh, KAMIKI RYUUNOSUKE is BAE.

I really like Ameithyst’s entry about Kamiki Ryuunosuke. She shared to us how she discovered the actor and how she eventually become a fan of him. She also gave a really good list of his dramas, movies and voice acting gigs that you could check out. As a fellow fan of Kamiki, this entry was precious and something I didn’t expect I would need to brighten up my day. Please do check it out.

The Bottomline with Boy Abunda: Mental Health Issues in the Philippines (May 26th episode)

Life had been hard for me this May. Looking for a job while taking up some review classes on the weekends. With the additional stress from the home, I dunno how I survived? LOL. With my struggles in finding a job, it made me doubt if I made the right choice in taking up my course, Psychology in college. Few years ago, I had an opportunity to take up computer-related course instead of Psychology, but I didn’t grab that chance. Now, seeing my friends getting work and seeing how in demand IT jobs are, I was left with alot of anxieties.

But all of those changed after seeing an episode of “The Bottomline with Boy Abunda” a show on tv tackling and discussing hard topics related to my country. It just so happened that the episode focused on Mental Health issues here in my country. They tackled quite alot of topics, it wasn’t elaborated much but it was enough to convince someone how important mental health is to a person. Through this episode, it reminded me why I chose Psychology in the first place. It reignited my desire to make a change in my country and be able to help other people as how others and the study of Psychology helped me recover my own mental health issues. It was a bit of an eye-opener to me, and now I am fully committed in reaching my goal. 😀

I dunno if you guys could open the link or that it won’t expire, but yeah, here is the episode. Check it out if you want.

Sunday Sad Club

My beloved cousin, Des, created a blog. WoaaaahHHH!!!!

Just like me, it seems my cousin also wanted her voice to be heard. I always known she’s very expressive and quite articulate in the English language. Its a matter of time for her to make one. Hahahaha.

She just made her first post few days ago. It is a movie review, “ordinary is alright: Paterson“. You might be wondering why….her blog is not under wordpress. Bruh, its not just you, I’m also shocked by this. LOL. She told me that WordPress is complicated, and she had no time to study it so she chose a different place to share her thoughts. Its…abit disappointing, but I understand her reasoning. Do check her blog out. Its still new, and I’m not really sure what kind of posts she’s planning on posting, but I assure you, she’s not just your ordinary writer, she’s one hell of a good one. 🙂


Now for my updates in my blog. Yeeeeee.

Starting on the month of June, I am going to introduce quite alot of new features here on my blog. Specifically: Concert feature, Artist Feature, Book/Novel Feature, and 7 Deadly List. Hehehheeh. Its still tentative when I am going to introduce them, all I could say is that I have the drafts already, I just need to even out the arrangements and schedulings of release. Speaking of scheduling, also starting from the month of June, I am going to release contents every other day. So expect quite alot of releases next month.

I am still going to feature alot of anime-related content, but with time restrictions, I dunno if I could maintain the amount of anime features for the next couple of months. Anyway, we will see. Hehehehehehe.

Ooohohohohoho Was this too long?? It can’t be helped. I liked quite alot of entries and topics last May. 😛

Expect more of this Monthly rundowns in the next couple of months. I’ll also try to be more strict and tight with my scheduling. Heh.

Anyway, that is all.

Thanks for reading!


IDOL Music: My History

Idol music had always been a part of my music playlist for a very very long time. I couldn’t even point out when and where it really started, but I’ll still try. Well, my blog pretty much focus on the asian side, so I’ll just share to you guys the start of my idol addiction, asian edition.

Ah! This is going to be long. So, brace youselves. Ha!

It was all because of ANIME…

It all started through anime. Yes, anime. Specifically, Inuyasha. The opening song stuck to me for a very long time. It was catchy as hell, to a point that I could even memorize the lyrics. I was so young back then and yet I was able to memorize a freakin’ japanese song. I didn’t even consider “Change the world” as a foreign song to me. I treated it as how I usually treated a song. The weird structure of the lyrics didn’t fazed me at all. Amazing right? Yeah, I’m also amazed now that I think about it. Lol.

Since then, memorizing or getting the gist of the anime songs became a norm to me. Even now, I could sing or hum to you the anime OP & ED songs of Card Captor Sakura, Shugo Chara, Final Fantasy X & X2, Gundam Seed & Seed Destiny, Mermaid Melody Pichi pichi pitch, Flame of Recca, Fushigi Yuugi, Yu Yu Hakusho, & Rurouni Kenshin. But we are not here to talk about anime music. It was a weird transition. Getting dialed-up internet became the norm, so I used to use Limewire, a harmful old version of torrent (I think),to download songs fast. I constantly watch videos in youtube, discovering new songs. Thats where I discovered Johnny’s music. Compared to now, It was so easy to find a JE video in youtube. Arashi & NEWS were the first male idols I got into. I find them cool and handsome. Their level of performance was something new in my eyes. They opened a new world of music to me.

Johnny Idols…

It was through this two groups I became aware of having a bias in a group. Before, when I like a group (western boy bands), I usually like the group as a whole. This was a different but refreshing feeling to feel, especially when my oshi shows up on screen. Damn. Its like my heart would burst out. Hahahah. From Arashi, my bias/oshi was and still Nino, while in NEWS, it was Ryo (but he left, so……). This new feelings made me want to dig up more about them. It was around 2007-2008 when I discovered Crunchyroll. I always thought Crunchyroll as a website for animes, I didn’t know they had Drama & artist sections. I tried to search for videos of Arashi & NEWS, thats when I discovered their amazing concerts. It made me realised how cool and amazing Japanese idols could be. NEWS’ Never Ending Wonderful Story remains one of the best concert DVD’s I had ever seen even upto this day, that’s how impactful their performance was. Watching their videos, I couldn’t stop smiling. Listening to their music, I couldn’t stop singing. It was all magical to me. But I wasn’t satisfied.

KPOP Music…

I kept on searching and searching, for new songs in youtube that I have yet to discover, then I stumbled unto BoA’s No.1 MV.

It was different. The music was different from the usual I listen to, even the language was different. I didn’t know, I had already stumbled onto a KPOP song. My first taste of KPOP. I kept the song onto my collection, cuz I like it, and continue to search more and more japanese songs. Little did I know I had already stumbled unto different gems (artists/idols), but I was too focused on their music to realized. It was around that time I got into dramas. I won’t discussed it further, but yeah, it took awhile before I went back to music.

Rather than going back to my japanese music collection, I got into KPOP instead. You might think, ‘Why are we talking about KPOP?’ Well, Kpop music is still composed mostly of Idol music, so it still fits. I got into KPOP cuz of Super Junior & TVXQ, specifically, Super Junior’s Happiness, Miracle, & TVXQ’s Rising Sun. Those 3 songs were so different from the usual idol music I hear, but they still impacted me like how Arashi & NEWS had impacted me. I really really liked it. I really thought I had found what I had been looking for, but bruh, after weeks of listening to their music, I got bored. Lol. I’m hard to please, I know right? Hahahahah.

Girls’ Generation…

Around the end of 2008, I wasn’t anymore looking for new music. I got tired trying to find out what idol music was I looking for. As I was looking through the next Super Junior videos to watch on the recommended videos in youtube, I kinda read alot of mean comments about the main girl in Marry U MV. They say she’s the same person from the U MV and they didn’t like her. I got interested. I was shocked to see negative comments about a certain someone just because she appeared in the MV. It was Yoona. She got hate for being pretty. This was my first exposure to anti-fans. Damn. I would be very honest, I also became her anti-fan for a minute. I mean…for a few minutes. I thought all the stuff the fans said was true, so I also hate Yoona for that. But after researching about her, I couldn’t find any fault of her, only the facts thats she’s too pretty to exist and she appeared in two Super Junior MV’s. That’s when I discovered she was part of Girls’ Generation. I thought that by listening to them and dig into them, I might find some faults around the group and Yoona. Oh boy, I was so wrong. I fell in love with the group instead.

Their music changed my life. The effect of Girls’ Generation to me was so different from the boy groups I like. They reminded me how much I love female artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera. Girl Power to the max. I think it was around this time I drowned deeper into KPOP. I stanned Girls’ Generation like crazy. As always, everything was in Youtube. I watched all their shows and live performances, further solidifying my love for them. It was through this them I start to love female idols. I see female idols in a different light, so different from the male idols. I get a different kind of enjoyment watching the girl groups (especially Girls’ Generation) shine on stage.

But bruh, I am not here to talk more about Girls’ Generation. I am planning on making a separate entry for my love for them. So, let’s proceed.

JPOP music…

It took awhile for me to go back to JPOP. After drowning myself in KPOP, it was hard to climb back up. I think it was when I got to use iTunes for the first time, I relistened to my old japanese music collection. It sparked my interest again to that genre of music.

I thought I should update my collection with some new and interesting music. As I was looking at the Oricon charts and recommended music videos on youtube, I saw alot of familiar names. If you remember from above I mentioned I discovered alot of top tier japanese songs while not minding who were the artists, yeah, I rediscovered them. I felt dumb for a minute. I didn’t know I already downloaded a lot of amazing artists already.

While rediscovering them, I thought I should identify the music sang by female idols. I was trying to look for the Girls’ Generation in JPOP, but what I got was more than I imagined. I have alot of female idol songs on my collection. Who knew?!?!? XD


Hello! Project…

When I said I got more that I imagine, it was literal. Majority of my female idol music on my jpop collection were composed of Morning Musume, C-ute, & S/mileage. Bruh, I didn’t know that these 3 groups were a part of Hello! Project. I was mindblown. It was all a coincidence bruh. Damn. Hahahahaha.

Hello! Project was a breath of fresh air. They are not the Girls’ Generation of JPOP, definitely not what I was looking for. But, bruh, they are more than that. Their music was so eccentric and not-so-common. There live performance wowed me in a way that I always have the urge to go to Japan and attend their concerts. I want to see them. I want to see them perform and be blown away by their amazing performance. Everything is LIVE. Yas, bruh! No words can describe how much I love Hello! Project and their music. I can’t stop listening to it. Even until now, its still my craze, my jam. ❤

What amazes me more, was the fact that most of the Hello! Project idols sang the Opening & Ending songs of Shugo Chara. Damn, I never knew I had been listening to them for a long time already. I especially love the sub-unit, Buono. There songs are full force rock songs. Before Babymetal was even the trend, Buono rock songs was the jam of the idol rock fans.

Pretty much, Hello! Project became the main foundation of my love for Japanese Idols. All the things I look for an idol, I base them all to the Hello! Project. H!P is that amazing in my eyes.


As much as I want to express more of my love for Hello! Project, I’ll reserve that to a different entry. Hehhehehehehe.

Branching out to other female Idols…

Hello! Project definitely filled the void in my heart. Alongside with Girls’ Generation, they fill my heart with amazing idol music. But just like what I did in KPOP, I also tried branching out my horizon and tried to listen to other female idols.

I really enjoyed listening to Akb48’s Beginner and some of their old songs, 9nine, SPEED, and other idol groups. I personally like 9nine’s Shining Star, but yeah, for some point, japanese idol music became generic in my ears. Its unfortunate, but its the result of me listening too much Hello! Project. I’m pretty messed up. Heheheheheh.

Rise of 2D Idols…

To be honest, I didn’t notice the rise of 2D idols. I mean, having idols on animes was kinda old and nothing new. It was on 2014 when all of a sudden, I kept of hearing the words ‘Love live’, ‘Idolmaster’, & ‘rhythm games’, then boom, fans all over japan and even here in my country were all hypnotized to this craze. Hahahahah.

At first, I tried not to mind the craze, but even the idols I follow are also crazy about this. So I gave in to the norm, and tried watching first the anime of Love Live! School Idol Project, and then Idolmasters. Oh boy, what did I get myself into?

I admit, I like them. Like, both Love Live & Idolmasters. There music were quite addicting and really good. But I couldn’t appreciate them as idols. Oh my, how to explain. I think a big factor to this was the fact that I can only see the idols as characters from the anime and not real real idols. I do know that the seiyuus of the characters were also real life idols, but it won’t work for me.

I do support them cuz their music is really good and I really like the animes, but thats it. That’s all I could offer.


Idol music is really important to me. The music helped me alot, especially during my depression, the message of the songs helped me recover and even made me a better person.

I will not stop listening to it. I won’t even stop looking for new idol music to listen to, whether its JPOP or KPOP (though I am kinda tired of listening to KPOP, cuz everything seems to sound the same). I won’t stop supporting the idols, especially Girls’ Generation & all the idols in Hello! Project.

For Girls’ Generation, even though they are in hiatus right now, I am supporting all of their individual endeavours and projects. I am SONE for life. As for Hello! Project, they continue to bring amazing music and constant jam. I won’t stop supporting each group as they deserve all the love.


Thank you very much for reading this oh-so-long entry of mine about my history with Idol music. I tried to shorten this down as much as possible, but yeah, its still long. Hahahahah.

Anyway here’s a special song for all of you, courtesy of Hello! Project:




Music Feature: Can’t stop the FEELS

Yay! This feature is back! After its long hiatus, I am going to revive this. I am going to post more music content here on my blog. Ooohohohohoh.

As always, I am going to share to you most of the music I am currently listening to, nonstop. You might find them weird, and pretty much don’t understand my taste in music. Well, it can’t be helped. HAhahahahha. I am a type of person who listens to everything, so my range in music is kinda……..wide.

Without further ado, here are the songs that I enjoyed and can’t stop listening.

CNCO ft. Little Mix – Reggaetón Lento (Remix)

First up!

Going with a bang is the latest single of Little Mix. Well, its not only their single but a collaboration with CNCO, they released Reggaetón Lento Remix.

Why this song?

Well, Little Mix had always have a spot in my heart. I always support the songs they released. This song is no exemption, and this song can’t be hated on. It’s a really good song with an addictive music. I love jamming to this song from time to time.

Little Mix’s vocals were really on point. I’m not that familiar with CNCO, but they do have good vocals too. And they also have a lot of cute boys in their group. oooohohohohho.

Overall, this song is easy to listen and jam into.

The Unit – My Turn

Oooohohohohoh. As you can see. I am following this korean survival show. The fact that it stars old korean idols who debuted but didn’t get the right fame for them, this show is really intriguing.

Bruh, this is better than Produce 101.

After hearing this song for the first time, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I could say this song is kinda similar to Nayana of Produce 101 S2, but even better. This song, with a combo vocals of the winning boy & girl teams, was pleasing to listen. It’s quite clear that the idols in this competition have real talents that have not yet been given the opportunity to be recognize. I do hope they’ll release more of this type of co-ed music in the future.

Arashi – Breathless

Oh my…

I got eargasms listening to this song. I recently watched Ninomiya’s Platina Data Movie, and I was really blown away cuz of the story, the acting and of course, the music. This song was the theme song of the movie. Everytime I hear this song, it made me remember the movie.

Arashi had always been consistent with their releases. They have this signature way of singing their songs that can’t be copied by other groups, especially their fellow Johnny’s. This song was special, not only cuz of the movie, but cuz Nino has a solo part in the Coda. He sang it really well. As a big fan of him, I got goosebumps listening to it.

BTW..I couldn’t find a better audio of the song. So, I instead give you an accurate piano cover of the song.

Morning Musume.’17 – Jamashinaide HERE WE GO

Since this song was released last October, this song had been on my playlist. This is really really good. It’s the first time Morning Musume uses this type of electronic music, it was refreshing.

Their vocals were really on point, I especially love the Maa-Chii combo. This dual center was weird at first, I never expected them to look good together, even sound good together. I also love the solo lines given to the lead vocalists in the group. It was divided really well. The talking parts, though, hhhhhmmmmm. At first they were awkward, but I had gotten used to it and it fits the lyrics so I’m good.

I will give my full review of this song along with its MV soon.

Unison Square Garden – Invisible Sensation

Of course!!!


Ballroom e Youkosou OP 2.

This song is good. Too good. I love USG. Everything they release are eargasms to me. What to do? I can’t describe this song properly.

Uuuuuuhhhhh.. This song is really good. REALLY REALLY GOOD.

Yeah. I love it.

Remioromen – Konayuki


This is the result when you binge-watch one of your all time favorite tv series. You’ll have one of the OST songs stuck in your head no matter what. Uuuuuwwwwaaaaaaa…

This song hurts. It’s painful listening to it, and yet I keep listening to it. This song is painful, not only cuz its one of the OST of 1 litre of tears, but because it makes me remember the crap and the shit I had gone through in life, and its painful. But I love listening to this song. It makes me vulnerable on a different level, which is good, I promise.

The way this song was arranged and composed was really brilliant. Its really dramatic yet simple at the same time. The vocals was really on point too. For an old song, this one is really timeless.

Taeyeon – Time Lapse

From one painful song to another. Uuuuwwwaaaaa.

I love sad and angsty songs. I am sorry XD.

I listen constantly to Taeyeon’s music, it became a habit of mine. Recently, this song gave too much effect on me compared to other Taengoo’s music. This one has a unique arrangement, specifically the verses and the build-up. It made the climax of the song really satisfying and more heartfelt. I really really love it and its really refreshing.

This song, its tempting me to make an angsty story. I dunno why. The effect is really outrageous to a point, random possible scenes in a story appears on my mind and gives me a vision on how the story goes and how it should end.

I am both scared and intrigued by this. Its been awhile since I had wrote a story. With this song itself, pushing me to make one is really amazing, but I am scared that I might not live up to my on expectations.



That was one hell of a list. Hahhahhah.

I do hope you enjoyed listening to them too.

That is all.

Music Feature: Eargasms Alert!!

Yo! Welcome!

This is a new segment here on my blog. It is all about Music, and it will feature some songs, albums and artists that I like, I have huge interests in, or I’m currently addicted to. This is will be fun!

Here are the top songs that I’m currently listening to and that also gave me endless eargasms.

To start off:

Lovelyz – Now, We

Oh my! This song is so heavenly and sweet. Every time I listen to this song, I get eargasms. From the moment the song starts, you’ll know this song will make you smile and it is going to be sweet. I liked the song the moment I first heard it. Damn. I think this will be one of my top favorites songs of Lovelyz.



Girls’ Generation – Light Up the Sky 

This song is from the latest album of Girls’ Generation. It’s one of my favorites in their new album, and it also might be one of my new favorite songs of the group. When I first heard the preview of this song, I knew for a fact that I would fall in love to this masterpiece. This not only calms my heart, but it also gives me hope.



ClariS – recall

I recently watched the latest concert of ClariS, and it reminded me to listen to their latest album. Even so, seeing and listening to the live performance of the duo made me love their latest album, Fairy Castle. Out of all the songs in the album, this song left the biggest impression. The vocal prowess of the duo gave me eargasms overload, and hearing the song being performed live made me love the song even more.



Sekai no Owari – One more Night

I have no idea why, I just love this song. From the moment I heard the intro sequence of the song, I was hooked. This song’s lyrics are English, which was a huge plus.



NEWS – U R Not Alone

This song gave me life. From the lyrics and how NEWS sang this song. Uuuwwwwaaaaa. EARGASMS. So many emotions poured into this song. I can totally feel them. Just by listening to this song, it makes me want to sing along. It’s that good. I can’t wait to see this live.


I just scratched the surface of my long list of music in my playlist. Ha! Well, these 5 songs are currently the most played songs on my phone. There is a chance that all of this sings will be replaced later on cuz I usually listen to many songs everyday. Anyway, tell me what are yours too. What songs gave you eargasms recently. Feel free to share them below in the comments section. That’s all.

My Top 10 Favorite Single Songs of Girls’ Generation

3rd post in a row. Oooohohohohoh! Yay!

I am now going to share to you my current Top 10 favorite songs that were released as singles by Girls’ Generation. All of this are my opinion.

Here is the lists:

10. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Who wouldn’t love this song? This song is really well made. I loved the arrangement and how the it builds up to the climax. This might not be as catchy as Gee, this song is better to listen anytime of the day compared to Gee. Declaring you are a genie to the person you like, the lyrics were very encouraging and dreamy. I am not much of a fan with the distribution of singing parts of this song, but this is better than nothing.


This song is like experiencing a roller coaster ride. The arrangement of the song is really bizarre but it fits. The lyrics is something. It seems it composes of different point of views, or people talking to each other. lel. It’s like talking with your group of friends. It is really a fun song.


8. Party

This is a summer song. The lyrics are simple but it is all we need. It’s all about enjoying and having a great time partying with people you close with. Even the melody is easy to catch. The arrangement is clean, as expected by SM. Even the distribution of singing lines were reasonable. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this. Every time you listen to this song, you can’t help but enjoy the heck of this song.

7. Paparazzi

What I love about this song, is the arrangement. Dunno why, I just find it classy and that beat, damn. The bass is pumping hard, it is really nice to listen to it in headphones. I always get eargasms with this song.

6. You Think

The lyrics are harsh, so harsh that I really love it. It is so fierce, that I get eargasms listening to the vocals of the members. I can pretty much feel the harshness of the lyrics even though I don’t look up the english translations. I think the only downside of this song is I find the instrumentals a little meh. It lacks more ooomph and wow factor. The only reasoning I could think of is because they want us, the listeners, to hear what the singers wanted to say and express, to a point they minimize the potential flavors in the background. Well, over time I became okay with it.

5. All My Love Is for You

I really really love this song. The meaning of the lyrics, very moving. The lyrics didn’t specify if it is meant to a lover or family, so this song can be dedicated to anyone close to you. The really really love everything about this song. From the melody to the arrangement, it is perfect. I am satisfied with the distribution of the singing parts, it was better than Time Machine, at least.


The song itself is LIT. It is really catchy, especially the chorus. I could listen to this song all day if I want to.

3. Baby Baby

This song holds a special place in my heart, because this is the song that made me a SONE. Even with the simple melody and innocent vocals, I can’t help myself smile everytime I hear this song. The song itself is very sweet and pleasing in the ears. I really really love this song.

2. Sailing (0805)

Uuwwaaaa…this is song is very hard to listen to. For some point, this song always makes me cry. Maybe because of all the pain I endured as a fan of SNSD and the struggles SNSD faced, I really don’t know. The way the members sang this, it is really different from their usual ballad. This is more emotional, more raw in emotions, and the song really delivers. Every member expressed and sang every line beautifully. The lyrics were really beautiful too. Even before I learn the english translation of the song, I know the song is for the fans by the feel of it. Indeed, I was right.

1. Into the new world

This song. This song is phenomenal. Not because it is Girls’ Generation’s debut single, but because of how this song can move people. The melody is common, bubblegum pop-like music with an innocent vibe. It is the lyrics that is….damn. The message it wants to deliver to the people listening. It can really motivate people. This song helped me alot during my lowest point. It gave me courage to move forward, to face everything head on, and that I am not alone in my misery. This song will forever be in my heart.


My Member Ranking in Girls’ Generation for this year, 2017

Member ranking.


My member ranking didn’t change much over the years. Even so, I am still going to share it to everyone so that you guys will understand who are my top biases.

In this list, I will still include Jessica. I know that she is not anymore a member of Girls’ Generation, but she is still part of Girls’ Generation’s history. That means I am still supporting her even though she is not anymore a member.

I also want to remind you all that I love every member of Girls’ Generation. If I rank all the kpop idols, all SNSD members are in top 10, for sure. It can’t be helped that we love someone more than the others, hence, a specific bias. Through this list, you will understand who I adore more in within Girls’ Generation (it’s not like it was already clear in the previous blog post).

Here is the list:

9. Hyoyeon


I love Hyoyeon. I love how she dances and damn she is funny. She is the 9th place in my ranking because I never followed her closely like the others. I did watch her shows, her tv appearances, but, I just love the others more.

8. Sunny


Sunny, Sunny, Sunny, sigh. Compared to others, she is one of the members who ranked down. Recently, I haven’t heard much of her. I do know she is busy with musicals and other stuff. So…it can’t be helped. I still love her though. I really really like her sense of humor and her lazy self. I hope she ventures more on her singing side, cuz I really want her to succeed and I also love her voice.

7. Seohyun


Along with Hyoyeon, Seo’s ranking is also no change. Seohyun is the maknae, the baby, a Goddess, but I sometimes find her boring. Even until now, I still find her boring. She is very proper and lady-like, and I want to have a friend like her. I think one of the reasons her ranking didn’t change is because I haven’t seen much of her recent shows, I haven’t even listen to all of the songs on her mini album. Yeah…I am very bad. I still lover her.

6. Yuri


Yuri ranked down, unfortunately. I don’t know. I still love her though. I think its because the other members became more interesting. Sorry Yuri. I still love you very much.

5. Sooyoung


Sooyoung!!! Oh my! She jumped high. She ranks higher now. So happy. I really really like the fact the she keeps on working hard and keeps on improving, whether it is acting or singing. You can really see that all her hard work paid off. I am so happy for her.

4. Jessica

jessica jung coridel entertainment (5)

Jessica. Hmmmm…She ranked down. Yeah, your thought is right. It was because of what happen. It can’t be helped. I, as a SONE fan, felt betrayed. She was my 2nd bias, MY SECOND FREAKING BIAS. I still love her, and I am still supporting her., but I admit doing that was hard. Everytime I see her, it reminds me of her departure. Because of that I refrain myself to get into her, her album releases, fashion updates, etc. With time, I was able to move on bit by bit. I can listen to her songs now and I can watch past SNSD videos with her in it. That is a development, at least. I am not sure though if she’ll ever climbs back to her previous spot. All I know is that I still love her and I support her in everything she does.

3. Tiffany

snsd casio sheen (3)

Fany Fany Tiffany! Uuuwwwwaaaa. I never knew she would be my 3rd. I always had a soft spot for her since the very beginning. Her eye-smile was always a killer. Ever since Jessica’s departure, I saw her efforts to keep the group lively, happy, and light-hearted. She also maintains the order within the group, which I find it really really cute. I saw how Yoona gradually became close to her and Taeyeon, especially after Sica’s departure. She took Yoona under her wing. I always knew she had a good heart. She also step up her game in terms of vocals. Damn, she is slaying. She continues to improve her singing, and I love her for that.

2. Taeyeon


What can I say? Taeyeon is amazing. From her vocals to personality, I love every bit of it. She shined recently with all her success, and I m happy for her. I always loved Taeyeon. There was a point that both Jessica and Taeyeon shared the 2nd place in my heart. Out of all the SNSD members, I connect more to Taeyeon because we kind of have similar personality. She is real; her feelings are real, her pain is real, her beauty is damn real, her laugh is real, and her voice always tugs my heart. She is bae.

1. Yoona


Yoona ❤ . My Yoona.

She had always been in the number 1 spot since the very beginning. I discovered SNSD, because of her. I fell in love with SNSD because of her. She will forever be my number 1.

I think the reason why I really really really love Yoona was because she is really really really close to my ideal type. She is the ideal girl. I don’t only mean visually, but personality wise too. I love the fact that she is flawed, and she is not hiding it. I also love the fact the she works hard in everything she does, and very humble. She also loves SNSD very much. Even in here solo promotions, she never forgets to promotes SNSD too.

She holds the center position in the group. That, itself, is a burden. Whatever she does, it will not affect her but also the group. She is really strong, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. I am so thankful I met an angel like Yoona. ❤ ❤ ❤

Uuuuwwwwaaaa…With the coming comeback of SNSD, there is a small chance that this list might change. It might not change too, we’ll see.


My Top 10 Favorite Girls’ Generation Music Videos

Girls’ Generation (also known as So Nyuh Shi Dae or SNSD), one of the biggest and (I think they are still) the most popular korean girl group in the world, will celebrate their 10th year anniversary this August 5, 2017. As a fan, a certified SONE for life, I want to celebrate this event in my own little way. I am planning on posting Girls’ Generation content everyday until D-Day.


To be honest, I came up with this idea few days ago (see my twitter….lel) and I know this is going to be a struggle. I am still a noob in writing my feelings out and I am used to let them just float around in my head. So this content series is a huge step forward for me.

To start off this content series, I present you my personal list of my favorite music videos of Girls’ Generation. Everything that I am going to write in here are all personal opinion, so please respect them.

Here it goes:

10. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

I was already deep in the fandom when this song was released. The release of this MV was the first one that I actually put effort. I actually stayed up late just to wait for the release of the MV, I downloaded and recorded all their live performances. This song was also the first Girls’ Generation song featured in MYX, a music channel in the Philippines, were I actually voted real-time to keep them on the charts. Yes, I was that deep. Because of this song I actually fell in love more with Girls’ Generation and the world of KPOP.

Now, for the MV, I loved the set, especially the main set of the MV. Even though it was so pink, I am not complaining. I also loved the fact that the Royal Family, *ehem* YoonYulSic *ehem*, were emphasized. As a fan of the Royal Family, I was so delighted. Overall, this is one of their best Korean comebacks in their 10 year tenure. ❤ ❤ ❤

9. Party

I really loved this MV. I can totally feel that the members were really having fun while shooting the MV. This MV is quite memorable, the fact that this is the first single release where Girls’ Generation officially promotes as 8 members. Everyone were anticipating on what kind of music GG would release, and the release was well accepted by everyone.

I really liked that they went outdoors for this MV, it really gives off the summer vibes. Even those cute little animated effects, it gives more color to the MV. Seeing most of the members in beach clothes makes us, SONES, go crazy XD. I rolled eyes seeing the advertisements in MV, like….really? Do you really need to shove it on our faces? Other than that, I liked every minute of the video.

By the way, Yoona was so gorgeous in here. I was totally starstruck. I mean, all the members were crazy beautiful, but in my eyes, my bias is the most beautiful. This was the only MV where Yoona has blonde hair, so I am going to treasure this forever. So beautiful. ❤

8. All My Love Is for You

This song is one of my all time favorite songs of Girls’ Generation. This is MV is beautiful. The lighting and the color scheme of the MV, it really fits the mood of the song. The vocals were on point, even their clothes matched the members well. There were questionable hairstyles, but I brushed them off cuz the members were still beautiful. I kind of not like the scene near the end where they were fake laughing. It was too obvious that I sometimes cringe seeing that scene again and again.

7. Catch Me If You Can

Damn this video. To be honest, I didn’t like this video at first. When this was released, it was really hyped, especially it was the first single release (even though it doesn’t have a promotion) starring only 8 members. This MV didn’t appeal to me first, cuz of its simplicity. There were no storyline, the background has no relevance, the intro was meh and it leads to nowhere. It’s kinda clear after the second watch that this MV emphasizes the dance, how awesome the choreography is, and how Girls’ Generation nailed it. The dance was so god damn LIT. All the members danced so well and so in sync to a point that you couldn’t tell who is their weakest link in dancing. You can really feel the intensity of the dance throughout the MV. I love it. I also liked the fact that the dance line (Yuri, Hyoyeon, Yoona and Sooyoung) had many lines in this song. They own the first verse of the song. God Damn, it was refreshing in the ears.

This MV pretty much declared to everyone that they are still strong, even though one member left the group, they can still go head to head to the younger kpop groups. Damn. Slay my queens.

6. You Think

I died a million times watching this MV. It was that deadly. Girls’ Generation, totally embracing their mature side. Totally slaying. Damn. Damn. Damn.

The MV was totally simple, the purpose was to make sure people would die with blood loss after watching it. lel. Jokes aside, the MV was visually appealing in the eyes. The beauty of the members in this MV is phenomenal. I already mentioned previously how beautiful the members are, but their beauty was on another level in this MV, I didn’t know that could even be possible. The dance was sexy and cool at the same time. It was simpler compared to CMIYC, but the effect is still par.

I also want to mention about Yoona’s singing parts on this song. People keeps on saying that Yoona has no parts, well excuse me, you guys have no ears. lel. I’m sorry, that was a bit harsh. I just want to pointed out that Yoona’s singing parts were on the chorus. If you already notice and hear, the chorus parts were sang by different members. If you had been a fan of SNSD for a long time, you would already be familiar with their voices. You would then notice that most of the singing parts in the chorus are sang by Yoona. Boom!

5. Paparazzi

I remember when this was teased to people, the members admit that this was their hardest choreography done (this was around 2012). Everyone got very excited for this release. When this MV was released, there was slight backlash. For others, they didn’t find the choreo hard. But I disagree, this is one of their hardest choreography. What makes it hard was that the members have different kind of choreo while still on the same beat. As a group who follows the same choreo for years, this is kinda hard to do. So I understand the members.

I also liked the plot of the MV. That long intro and outro, the members walking while being surrounded by the paparazzi. Damn. Whoever the director for this MV, I want to give that person a hug. The MV was shot well, I can really see the budget and how it was well used for the MV. After years on watching this MV, I loved it more and more.

4. The Boys

Everything about this music video is damn. The visuals of the members, damn all of them were crazy beautiful. The music and dance lacks more oommpphhh, but MV makes up for it. This MV pretty much declared to everyone how strong Girls’ Generation is.

3. Baby Baby

After watching this MV first last 2008, I pretty much declared that I am officially a fan of this group. I don’t really know what’s up with this video. All I remember was I was smiling like a crazy person watching this, and my interest to the group soared high to a point I went to surf in the internet more information about them. And this my friends, was the start of me becoming a SONE.

Until now, I still love this MV. It has a place in my heart. Forever. It represents the innocence of Girls’ Generation behind the scenes. I really really loved it.

2. Into the New World

This MV is the debut single of Girls’ Generation. What more can I say? This represents the start of everything, the start of a legend. This was released in the midst of the rise of boybands in 2007. Everyone called SNSD as Super Girls, or the counterpart of Super Junior, cuz of their huge number of members. SNSD experienced the first rise and downfall as a girlgroup.

Even until now, people continue to love this song. From time to time, it comes back in the charts. It’s all because of the moving and encouraging lyrics with easy to listen melody. The arrangement of the song is so good, even the choreography is LIT. Everything. Everything about this MV is perfect.

1. I Got a Boy

Ooooohohohoho. I Got A Boy as first. I don’t think this ranking is questionable. This MV was phenomenal. It was colorful, vibrant, it was eye-catching and memorable. From the song to the costumes, everything was on point. This MV also helped maked Girls’ Generation more known all over the world. With it unique music, fashion, and eye-catching choreography, this MV started the world domination of Girls’ Generation.

There are more awesome MV’s of Girls’ Generation, but this 10 stood out to me. I didn’t even include Gee, which was the reason of the rise of SNSD. I have my own taste, lel. To be honest, I love all of the music videos of Girls’ Generation. But the 10 videos above are totally my top favorites.

If you want to check more of their music videos, you can search them on Youtube.

Also, if you are a fan of Girls’ Generation or even just a casual fan of Kpop, let me know in the comments section what are your top music videos of Girls’ Generation.