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Spring Season Animes 2018: First Impressions

Oohohohohoho!! Surprise! Surprise!

Its been awhile folks! Last season, I wasn’t able to make a first impression entry cuz of my very busy schedule. Right now, I am unemployed, so I have alot of time to make this entry. Ooohohohohoho. Yeeeee!!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my thoughts for this Spring Season:


3D Kanojo: Real Girl – I had high expectations for this one cuz a friend of mine is a fan of the manga. I really thought this would be really good romance anime for this season, but…its not. The main girl is confusing AF, and I can’t really relate well with the main guy. I do like the progress of the story after the first episode. I do hope this one won’t disappoint.

Akkun to Kanojo – this anime short is so simple and very short but it delivers the story really well. The characters are really likeable. At first, I thought the main girl would be a M thats a bit ignorant to the main guy’s actions, but in the 2nd episode, I found out that the main girl knew everything all along. Damn. I love this short. XD PS: The OP song is one of my fav this season. ooohohohohoh

Alice or Alice – Woah, the level of fan-service on this anime short is…unexpected and vulgar. I really thought this would be a cute moe show. Didn’t expect the fan-service. I won’t come back for this one.

Amanchu! Advance – Uuuwwwwaaaa Amanchu continues to give me good vibes and fluffy feeling watching. Its so enjoyable, and its definitely a change of pace from the fast-paced sequels and reboots of famous and infamous animes this season. So good.

Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru! – Oh, this was the anime that got delayed. Hhhmmm…the premise is interesting. From killing dragons to killing human fellow ‘Jushikis’, this is definitely intriguing. I really like the weapon they use, a combi of sword & gun. Another thing is they look so COOL. I also like the OP song, I mean, its fripSide of course I would love it. Overall, I kinda like this one, but let’s see if I’ll change my mind later. Its still very early, I had only seen the first episode.


Isekai Izakaya – Koto Aitheria no Izakaya Nobu – Another cooking show, this time, its an advertisment type of cooking anime. Its similar to Isekai Shokudou from last year, but this one has a shorter time (only 10-15 minutes per episode) and it promotes food, specifically japanese food. Its quite interesting watching this one as I am very interested with the Japanese culture, but this anime short is definitely not a must watch.

Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari – Okay. This one seems intriguing. The first episode seems a bit boring, introducing handsome characters, but the ending sure is intriguing. Gonna watch this more. PS: the Yaoi vibes seems strong in this one. Oohoohohohoh


Comic Girls – This anime is so fun to watch. I really like how they try to twist the negative aspect into something comedic. It definitely made this anime really enjoyable to watch, even though I gotta admit, some of the situations and lines of the character were too relatable. I really like the art & animation too. This is going to be a fun ride.

Fumikiri Jikan – Waaah. That was rather random and unexpected. I didn’t expect this anime short would have yuri in the end. Gonna check out more episodes.

Golden Kamuy – Damn…that was good. Like….REALLY REALLY GOOD. I already heard good reviews from the manga and some good first impressions from peepz in the community, but bruh, experiencing it for yourself is different. This anime looks mediocre, but the story and flow is so damn good. Its so intriguing and bold. Its also gore on some scenes, I totally don’t mind. Definitely gonna check this one out weekly.

Caligula – ooohohohoh!!! I THINK I JUST FOUND MY EDGY ANIME THIS SEASON. Yas!! The art reminds me of Danganronpa (even though I haven’t seen it yet, LOL). The story is the very interesting and intriguing. I also like the fact that it involves psychology, and music. Damn, this is some deep stuff. I do hope this won’t disappoint in the long run.


Gurazeni – Ooohohohoho another sports anime thats focused on baseball (first is Major 2nd). Totally didn’t expect this one (I didn’t check the synopsis, too hassle). The story is definitely different, and refreshing. In a way, we get a glimpse of what kind of life baseball pro are in. Though, I can’t guarantee that everything shown in this anime short is the real deal. I think I am going to continue watching this one.

Tada-kun wa koi wo shinai – Yas! Romance. I need more romance in my life. Lel. This sure is a cute romance slice-of-life anime. Its cute, fluffy and funny too, but I do expect more from this. I hope. I do like the sound and music of the anime.


Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari – Infairness, I didn’t expect this would be fun. The story is simple and a bit familiar. The characters are long likeable too, though I’m a bit weirded out by the supposed antagonists. I’ll watch this some more and see if I should drop this one or not.

Mahou Shoujo Ore – What.did.I.just.watch? This anime is one of my ‘anticipated’ anime for this season cuz of the premise, and it didn’t disappoint. LOL. This is one of the shows that is so bad and dumb, but at the same time its good in a sense that its still enjoyable. Good thing I am watching this weekly, cuz I don’t think I could survive binge-watching this.

Megalo Box – Ooohhh…now I understand the hype. Definitely a must watch, but I think I should binge-watch this instead.

Hinamatsuri – HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! This is so fun to watch. An Alien girl and a Mafia man, didn’t expect they would compliment with each other. This anime reminds me of Barakamon. This is so within my jam. Totally gonna check this out every week.


Nil Admirari no Tenbin – Teito Genwaku Kitan – Every season there is always an anime that is a reverse harem. For this season, its this one. Infairness, I find this new anime really good. The premise is really interesting, and I really like that I see other girls as supporting roles (THANK GOD!!). This is just my impression and I hope this anime won’t disappoint. Gonna continue to watch this one.

Sword Art Online Alternative – Gun Gale Online – My heart is ready for this anime. I got spoiled by a lot of people already so I kinda got the gist of this show, but what shocked me was the fact that the OP WAS FREAKIN’ SANG BY EIR AOI!!! WTF! I didn’t know she came back from her hiatus. T_T YAS!!! Anyway, back to the anime, I really had fun watching this one. I used to be a gamer in my younger days (early teens) and shooting games was my jam (CS, CoD, BHD, etc…you name it bruh). The story is easy to follow and its really good cuz its totally different from SAO. Definitely gonna check this one out weekly.


Mahou Shoujo Site – Uuuuuhhhhh….this is edgy. TOO EDGY.. for my taste. This is too funny. Why is there always an anime like this in some seasons. Previously was Ousama Game, now this? I just….can’t.

Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu – wut? This sure is hilarious.


Uma Musume – Pretty Derby – Ooohohohoho this is everything other people spoiled me about, yet I still enjoyed watching this one. The premise is absurd yet it also makes sense. Though I’m abit weirded out with the Idol thingy, its a bit unnecessary. Gonna continue watching this one.

Wotaku no Koi wa Muzukashii – YASSS!! This is one of my most anticipated anime in this season. I am a big fan of the web manga so seeing it as an anime feels amazing. They sure adapted it well. I LOVE THE OPENING! I also love the character designs, they surely keep it near to the original. I’m so happy. Definitely gonna watch this. PS: the promotion of other anime materials sure is not too over-the-top, don’t ya think??!?!


Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi – Hhhhmmmm…I’m abit hesitant with this. The premise is intriguing, but at the same time I’m not that interested. I do like the sound and music, its been awhile since I heard this kind of OST. I still need to see the next episodes.

Wow…thats too many.


I think I skipped alot of the famous and known sequels and reboots this season. Well, I haven’t seen their episodes yet and most of them I want to binge-watch instead. For sure in the next season, my watch list will be alot smaller. I don’t think I could keep up more with the growing number of animes.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading!!



PS: more Wotaku!!

I just love this show.










2017 Fall Season Animes: First Impressions…Final Part.



Sengoku Night Blood - 01 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv_snapshot_04.15_[2017.10.28_15.12.32]
Lookin’ good
Here is the last set of animes I am going to give my first impressions:

Shokugeki no Souma San no Sara


I had been waiting for this since I finished watching the second season.

Now, the elite 10 are now introduced. As usual, this series is quite consistent with their fast paced storytelling. They skipped alot of chapters (again), but it did flowed quite well.

With the new voice actor for Erina, I was a little bit taken a back with her voice. I always loved Taneda Risa’s portrayal of Erina. Nevertheless, the new VA did really well. Overall, this series is a must watch for me. I am after all, an avid fan of the manga and anime. I can’t wait to feel hungry after every episode. XD


Kekkai Sensen & Beyond

Hell yeah!!

When this was announced, I was really hyped and very very excited. I really loved the first season. This season is going to be a blast.

Damn. This series never fails to make me smile. Everything that made first season really memorable, multiply it by 2, and that is this season.

One word. CRAZY.

Leonardo’s life is still chaotic as ever. I also see the other members showing off their awesome abilities. I also love the bromance between Leo & Zapp. Damn It’s so funny. I do hope I could see and hear more of Leo’s sister. I want her to be relevant in the story.


Konohana Kitan


Cute girls…having cat ears.

This is heaven, everyone!

It’s another slice-of-life type of anime, and its definitely a good one. This show is really relaxing. It’s visually appealing, the characters are also really likable and so darn cute. To be honest, I have nothing bad to say about this series. It’s not even slow, just enough for the viewers not to get bored. I’m definitely going to continue watching this weekly.



Infini-T Force

Wow. I never I would see that day where I would see Gatchaman, Casshern, Tekkaman, & Polymar would team up and save the world. Damn. It looks like a Justice league, and the multiverse stuff. Everything is happening cuz of the pencil. PENCIL. And it happens to be on the hands of a bored, edgy normal average girl.

The animation of action scenes were really really good. The character designs though. They pretty much reminds me of the CG animations in video games back in the day, specifically, around mid 2000’s and early 2010’s. I had only seen the first episode, I kinda hope this series would get better later on.



An anime about anime. Wow. I didn’t expect this one at all.

This series is full of anime reference. I can even pinpoint what anime they were plagiarizing, I mean referencing. Dunno if I like it or not. It’s kinda funny at times, but it is kinda over the top. I do like the normal conversations between people about anime, light novels, mangas and adaptations. Most of the discussions pretty much are relatable and are the usual topics in the anime community.

I will continue to watch this, cuz I am after all, amused by all of the things shown in the series.



Now I understand the hype. This anime is damn good.

Having an old man as the protagonist and a young man (which was usually the main guy in an anime series) as an antagonist is really really interesting. And Oh my god, I real feel sorry to the MC, his family is bad. They don’t care at him at all. An bruh, the main guy is only in his 50’s but he freakin’ look like in 70’s or 80’s. Then he got a news that is dying with cancer. Oh my ghad. I feel so bad for him. It seems that he gets all the bad luck in the world. Not only that, he got crushed by an alien ship. Damn. At least they are kind enough to remade his body, but as a cyborg.No wonder this series is a contender for the best anime this season. It was that good. I think my only problem with the series is the CG animation added when the main character transforms. Its a little weird looking at it. I do hope it improves later on.

87710lEvil or Live

To be honest, I wasn’t planning on watching this. But after seeing an anituber, mentioning this anime not as a must watch, but as an anime that is kinda hilarious, I got curious. It turns out to be quite hilarious indeed.

Compared to Ousama game, this story make sense. Kids/teens these days are addicted to social media and internet, so to be able to make them proper again, the problematic kids/teens were thrown in to rehab. Like I said, the story make sense.

Maybe because the series is produced by a Chinese production, I do see some awkward animation here and there, but they are tolerable.

I do hope this series would improve in the next episodes, I do keep my expectations very very low.

86492lLove Live! Sunshine!!

I was shocked this series would actually get a second season. I thought this was going to be a one time only.

Anyway, the story picks up where the last season was left off. A new term starts, and Aqours was able to win the Love Live! Idol Project. While gearing up for the next event, we learnt that their open house was canceled and the inevitable scenario, the closing of their school, is still going to happen. Damn, that really sucks. But this is a good motivation for the group to do well in the next Love Live! Idol Project.

To be honest, I am not in the mood to watch any idol animes. But because I already started this, I am going to finish this until the very end.

87235lKino no Tabi: The Beautiful World

I recently was able to get a copy of the past seasons of this series. I was planning on watching them before watching this, but a friend of mine convinced me to watch this now cuz its totally worth it. Yeah, it really is.

Wow. This anime is really good. The storytelling of the first episode was really well done. Compared to the previous seasons of Kino no Tabi, its kinda clear that this series is much more brighter and vibrant. But the tone of the storytelling remains the same, at least.

I am enjoying every bit of this series. This might be kinda episodic, but still, its written really well.

88476lMahou Tsukai no Yome

I think I just found the best anime of the season.

Well, its only my opinion, dang, this anime is ssoooo gooodd.

You can really see how the production gave this project tons of money, the animation is so spot-on. It was visually appealing. It totally reminds me alot of Ghibli films, if that even possible.

The story. What can I say? This story is so damn intriguing. A magus bought her from slavery. It turns out that she is a special type of human, a sleigh beggy, which pretty much attracted all kinds of attention from the sorcery and magic side. The magus wants her to be his apprentice and his bride. Damn. Who wouldn’t be hooked on this story?!?!

I do agree with most of the opinion of people. This anime does reminds me alot of Beauty & the Beast with a crossover to the world of Harry Potter. A must watch series.

87585lOusama Game

Am I seeing another Mayoiga? Why are all the characters here stupid? Can’t they just…uuugggghhhh.

Yep. This series is on a different level of stupid. I can’t even fathom why the production team allow to make a bad show with a bad script. Every time they do or say something stupid, I face palm and laugh. I also question myself, ‘why am I still watching this show?’. Its totally like Mayoiga all over again. Unlike other people, I’m totally okay with the putting of the flashbacks and stuff, its just the writing and the over-the-top gore of the series. It makes me think that this series is like a B-rated movie. It was that bad.

They totally wasted a potential good anime. Damn.

Am I still going to watch this weekly? Yeah. I wanted to see how this anime would turn out in the end.

87505lSengoku Night Blood

Another otome type anime, I didn’t expect this at all. Compared to other Sengoku animes, the main protagonist is a girl, a girl from the future and different world. Yep, you read that one right. This anime is a romance isekai type. Damn, its been awhile. Last time I watched this type of series was when I watched Angelique anime series.

Anyway, do I like this show? Not much. Unlike any otome anime, this one has so many guys. If I remember it right, there were around 20 guys in the anime, all of them, of course, are very good looking. Some are vampires, others are werewolves, and the rest a supernatural beings I haven’t determined what type. I dunno if I should continue and watch this. I might make a decision maybe after watching the 3rd to 5th episodes.


Of course, this series never fails to make me laugh. Every joke, every reference they do, its hilarious. Seeing this sextuplets again, for sure, brightens my day.

Can’t wait to see more of them.




87059lTwo Car

I was planning on dropping this, or even not watch this at all. But, I am a curious being, so I give this one a try.

Hhhmmmm…an anime about girls competing using side cars. It has the usual tropes in girly sports animes. Its watchable at best. And indeed, its gay. Without a guy in sight, girls are flirting with each other, definitely yuri all the way.

This anime is not for everyone, pretty much only yuri fans and fans of cute girls doing sports stuff would definitely enjoy this.


86628lShoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Following the success of Made in Abyss, another anime with kids as main protagonists premiered this fall season.

As mentioned in the synopsis, this series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the 2 MC’s travel and they are the ones left. the premise is really sad, but at the same time, the atmosphere of the series is cute and comforting. The series kinda feels like a slice-of-life type without any hints of negative feelings. It might have some drama later on, but I doubt that it would be big. Definitely a good series to watch.


Those are all the series I am going to watch weekly.

HorribleSubsEvilorLive01720p-rh-639.x.mp4 - openload.MP4_snapshot_15.41_[2017.10.25_16.07.11]
I have all the time in the world!!

I’m watching too many series. Hahaha!

Still, there are some fall animes that I haven’t watched yet. Those are:

Himouto! Umaru-chan R
Gintama.: Porori-hen
3-gatsu no lion S2
Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou
Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season
UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru Yuusha no Shou

I haven’t seen or finish their previous seasons or movies,so I can’t really watch them yet.

Kekkai Sensen & Beyond - 01 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv_snapshot_03.53_[2017.10.24_13.29.12].jpg
Overall, this season is an enjoyable one and I can’t wait to finish all of these series before the year ends.


Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou - 02 (1280x720 HEVC2 EAC3).mkv_snapshot_02.36_[2017.10.27_20.56.38].jpg
Dab it bruh!
That is all.



2017 Fall Season Animes: First Impressions…First Part.


Hello, People!

It’s the time of the season, where I give off my first impressions to the newest set of animes airing this fall season. I had watched atleast the first episode of each anime so everything I say below are my after thoughts, so please do respect them.

Blend S - 01 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv_snapshot_01.52_[2017.10.23_19.37.37]

But first.

Lemme mention the leftover animes from the previous season, that I’m still watching.

Ballroom e Youkosou
Dragon Ball Super
Detective Conan
Shokouku no Altair

Uuuuwwwaaaa…so many. RIP me. Do I still have time for this animes? I think so? Lel.

HorribleSubsHousekinoKuni01720p-rh-511.x.mp4 - openload.MP4_snapshot_09.11_[2017.10.23_19.35.06]

Let’s move on the the main segment.

Here are my first impressions for the fall animes:

Just Because!

Hhhhmmm…this one is boring. Boring, yet, I really really like it. It’s really laid back, bland in color, and slow. Still. I dunno why, I just like this series.

This series is kinda realistic, showing off how teens these days likes to use chat apps and likes to take pics. The interaction between the characters were so awkward yet it has a relatable feel to it. I will still continue watching this every week.


Black Clover

Ha! One of the most hyped anime for this season. Damn, it was a total disappointment. *insert fake smiley face* Ha.ha.ha.

Asta had the most annoying voice I had ever heard since Tears to Tiara. Damn, I need to get my ears checked up. It was that irritating. I already knew that his voice would be disturbing (thank you spoilers from twitter and youtbe, you guys are the best!), but experiencing it was damn amusing. I actually stopped the anime…then rewatch it few days later, hoping that my ears would be ready.

Anyway enough about Asta, time to talk about the series. What’s there to talk about? Uhhh….maybe the fact that the premise is like a mash-up of all the shounen animes I had ever watched. Is that a good thing? I dunno. At least they have almost 50 episodes to prove to me that this anime is worth it. Lel.


Blend S

One word. Moe.

Yes. Moe, Moe, Moe.

I love it. I totally love it. I am so happy there is a moe anime this season. I totally need this to survive. Lel.

The premise was simple and typical. But the characters, damn, they made the show really really fun. I love the manager! The way he fanboy’s to everything the MC does is totally ❤ ❤ . I also love how the main girls are playing around with the typical archetypes in animes, its so fun to watch. I want to go to this kind of cafe too. This season is going to be a fun ride.




Okay. This is another moe anime. It’s really colorful and vibrant, I give you that. But, for some point, I am not feeling it. It’s really confusing and totally not my cup of tea at the moment. I do get some Rolling Girls feel with this anime. Still, I am going to drop this anime.




Imouto sae Ireba Ii

Damn, the first 2-3 minutes were really….really….really misleading to a point of no return. Thank god the series didn’t turned out to be an Eromange Sensei 2.0 as I hoped for. It’s actually kinda dark and it involves adults (not kids, lel).

The premise surrounds around people who writes novels for a living and their struggles. The main protagonist has a little sister complex, even though he doesn’t have a little sister. He is a writer, and for some point, he affected the lives of the other lead protagonists in the the story.

I’m actually enjoying this series. Its kinda decent (compared to ES). Well, its still in the beginning. I hope it maintains that way, all through out the season.

87620lGaro – Vanishing Line

I had watched the previous Garo series. I liked the first one, and I wasn’t able to finish the 2nd one. Now, this new Garo series takes place in the modern times. Its much darker than ever before. I love the edginess of the character designs, it totally fits the dark tone of the anime. The only problem I see of this anime is the animation of the actions scenes. Dunn how to explain it, but to put into simple words, its too fast and hard to follow. It looks cool at first, but watching it closely definitely hurt my eyes. I even minimize the player so that I can watch it with ease.

I am still going to watch this and see how the story unfolds.

88293lHouseki no Kuni (TV)

This is a unique one. At first, I thought I would drop this anime. It looks so different, and its CG for god’s sake. But damn, this anime is good. Story-wise, its still a mystery, but the delivery is really good. The CG was gorgeous. The action scenes were gripping, I was amazed. The characters were really really likable. It’s actually a fun show. A total underrated series of this season.




Netjuu no Susume

Oooohohohoh. I’m totally loving this anime. As an MMORPG player myself, I can totally relate to the main characters.

The first episode was like the intro to the story, but I know already that I’m going to like this show. I can’t wait for the main protagonists to meet in real life. oooohohhohoho.



86523lDies Irae

There was an episode 0 before episode 1 was released. Ep. 0 was hella confusing, but I did try to catch up and understand, bit by bit. It’s like the episode was trying to introduce to us the villains of the series. How he became like that and who were his subordinates. It was interesting but still very very confusing.

On Episode 1, the story was now moving. We see the protagonist getting weird hallucinations of getting his head cut off only to learn that there was a murder, a head was cut off. Interesting, Right? I like it so far. I hope this series won’t disappoint me in the end.


Juuni Taisen

Oohohohoohoh. This show is Lit.

Action. Blood. Interesting characters. Intriguing premise. Animation is really really good. Everything. YAS.

Its a battle royale.

The premise is very similar to the Fate series, but the delivery of the story was really really good. I can’t wait for the next episode.

87265lOsake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara

Another sweet but very very short anime. It’s very simple and I really really like the first episode. But, I don’t think I could watch this every week. It’s too freakin’ short. So I decided to binge-watch this later after its complete.





Code:Realize Sousei no Himegimi


Hot guys. Why wouldn’t I watch this?

The story was really intriguing. A beautiful girl (of course!) with a poison in her body, gets rescued by a hot guy (Lupin is his name) and now she’s asked to live with them for her safety. Definitely a unique premise. *fake smiley face*

But still, even with a not-so-common otome premise, I am still going to continue watching this. Not only because of the hot men (well…its mostly because of them…lel), but because I want to see if this series would walk a different path compared to other otome animes before this.

86661lChildren of the Whales

Wow. Such a Beautiful series.

To be honest, I really thought the main protagonist is a girl. Lel to me. I totally didn’t expect him to be a guy.  Look at the series poster, the series gives off a female protagonist vibes. Maybe its just me.

Anyway, the series was really beautiful. The worldbuilding is hands down, the best this season. Very intriguing premise and characters. I could sense some Shinsekai Yori vibes from the first episode alone. Damn. This anime is definitely a top contender for the best anime of the season.


That is all for now.

[HorribleSubs] Just Because! - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.43_[2017.10.23_19.41.51]

There are still more animes I need to make a first impressions more. But the length of this post is kinda disturbing me abit so I’m going to stop here for now. I will definitely post the next part of this entry later this week so stay tune.

Summer 2017 Anime Season First Impressions……PART 3.

At last! Part 3 of the summer 2017 first impressions. I didn’t expect I would reach part 3, damn…I watch too many animes. To know more about my previous anime first impressions, here are the links for the part 1 (Here) and part 2 (Here).

Anyway, here is the last batch of animes I watched this season:

Made in Abyss


Damn. Damn. Damn. I think I just found the best anime of the season. It was that good. The characters, the animation, the background art, the music, EVERYTHING IS GOOD. Oh my, the world building, damn. I’m really speechless. My mouth was open the whole time. I don’t know how to express my amazement to this show. Wow. Just Wow. This is just the first episode, what more for the next episodes. Damn, this show is a must watch. A MUST WATCH.

Nana Maru San Batsu


Wow, I didn’t expect I would like this anime. It has a simple premise. The animation is stiff and edgy in my eyes. Like Dive, the animation reminds me of hentai animation. Is this a trend?? Anyway, I really like the first episode. I like that they skip the typical intro about the first day of school and go directly to the second day was club hunting. The main character is then introduced as a booklover and loves to read, hence his vast knowledge. I can also see the main girl being interested in the quiz bowl club. I really like how they use a quiz bowl game as a club performance, it gives us viewers and the characters more understanding about the rules and regulations during a quiz bowl. I really enjoyed every minute of this show. I am going to watch this weekly, for sure.

Shoukoku no Altair


This anime is serious. It has some Arslan Senki feels with it. They did add some comedy spices on some scenes in the beginning of the series, but it is kind of clear that this series is a serious one. This show is very interesting. I am not that knowledgeable with the middle-eastern terms that were used in his anime, but I did get an idea later on. This anime is info heavy,  good change from the other animes that are usually light-hearted. I think I’m going to enjoy this one.

Centaur no Nayami


That kiss. Wow, I was taken aback by that. Seeing the scene in the first few seconds of the show, it was a shocker. It was definitely yuri. That scene was indeed yuri, but like the other slice of life anime starring girls, its a freakin’ bait. Sigh.

Last winter, Demi-chan wa kataritai was really an enjoyable ride. This summer, it is Centaur no nayami. Compared to Demi-chan anime where there is only 3 demis in school, everyone in Centaur are demi. The anime focuses on how demis socialize with each other and how their different in form affects their interaction. It’s kind of boring, even the animation is boring, but I’m giving it a second chance. I hope it will improve later on.

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan


This is dark. So dark, I like it. Never knew I would encounter an anime about religion, specifically the Roman Catholic. The animation reminds me of Joker Game and 91 days, which fits to the theme of the anime. I might not watch this weekly, but will watch it after it completely airs.

Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou



Another highschool anime, but with a twist, it has supernatural elements. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would really watch this anime. The cover is not that appealing, the synopsis did not help too. Nevertheless, I still watched the first episode. It was enjoyable but not as much as the other animes. It’s still the first episode after all, so I can’t really say much about it. There is potential, this could turn into a boring anime or an enjoyable one. I will continue to watch this weekly.



This anime is a unique. There was not much of world building in the first episode, but I did get a gist of it after watching the next episodes. I see that this is not a popular anime this season. It’s totally underrated. Well, it can’t be helped. People might be turn off by the first episode. It was just to weird and incomprehensible.

From what I get from the first 3 episodes, the story is about a guy who has access to the dreamworld. He gets transported to different dreamworld created by witches, a girl who had sleeping beauty syndrome in the real world. He then tries to uncover the reason behind the creation of dreamworlds and try to help the witches be awaken from their slumber. He is also helped by a white witch, who until now I have no idea who she is. The anime is episodic in nature, but it does uncover more details about the dreams as the series progresses.

I”ll casually watch this series. It has potential, but I don’t think this will ever get a good recognition from other people.

Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.



Yes, I know. This is a borderline hentai anime. A Very short anime…and yes, I am watching this. Why? Well, I have my reasons. XD

The premise is..interesting. A guy dressing up as a beautiful woman approaches a fellow college girl who was shy and doesn’t interact much to other people, especially guys. He then tried to do harass her sexually. At first, the college girl was okay with all of it because the person in front of her was a “beautiful woman”. It all changed when she felt the D…below. Damn. That must have been a shock.

I really wish this was a yuri anime, but it’s not unfortunately. They didn’t go all the way, at least. The animation is okay, but it does look like a low-budgeted anime. I am going to watch this casually.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ


Bruh. BRUH. BRUH! Another season of Symphogear. YAS! Oh my, I never knew this day would come. I really thought there won’t be another season for this anime. I’m so happy.

You might be thinking that I would watch this immediately, cuz this is one of my favorite animes. Unfortunately, no. I am not watching this. The reason is I like to binge watch my fav animes. So watching it weekly might be a torture to my heart and soul. I decided I will watch this after it completely airs.

New Game!!


The second anime that is a sequel. I really enjoyed the first season of this anime, so I have high expectations to this sequel that it would do the same. Bruh…it exceed my expectations!!

The yuri bait is so high even though it is still the first episode. The quality of the anime is still superb, no…it is much better. Everything is sparkling in my eyes. I love it. I can totally see the development of the characters since episode 1 of season 1. Uuuwwwwaaaa…this is indeed a good slice-of-life anime about making games. Even though this anime is not that realistic compared to animes like Shirobako, it still gives us an idea how games are made. I do hope to see some little drama to spice up the series more. Totally going to watch this weekly.

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi


To be honest, I haven’t watched the first episode of this anime. Yeah, I know. Why would I put it here in my list if I am not watching it yet. Well, this anime is a sequel of an mid-2000’s anime, Jigoku Shoujo. If I remember it correctly, this is the 4th season. I haven’t seen much of the previous seasons, so I decided to watch from the very beginning until I reach this new Jigoku Shoujo series.

Other people did say that you can watch this normally because of its episodic nature, but I don’t think I could do that. Unless this is the same as Fate Apocrypha; where the important information is still the same with the other Fate series but the main storyline is different. Unfortunately, Jigoku Shoujo is not like that. I know this anime is good. Really good. I remember watching this series in Animax, I enjoyed every episode I saw on the tv. This series is one of the fuels for my love of anime. Cuz of that I have high expectations for this series.

Saiyuuki Reload Blast


Same as Jigoku Shoujo, I haven’t seen much of the previous seasons of this anime. Cuz of that, I want to watch from the very beginning of this series first.

The Reflection


Okay. This one is different. Totally different from a normal anime we usually watch. Maybe cuz Stan Lee is the maker of this series. Maybe. I don’t know. I need to get used to the art and visuals first. The voice acting is on point, at least, but the background music is boring. They also keep on showing the american flag, I don’t know why. The fight scenes are not that remarkable too. The powers are interesting, at least. I might give this show a chance to prove to me that this is worthwhile.


The animes I am watching weekly are: Aho Girl, Fate Apocrypha, KakeguruiIsekai ShokudouKeppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun, Ballroom e yokoso, Hajimete no Gal, Gamers!, Tsurezure Children, Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV), Knight’s & Magic, Princess Principal, Made in Abyss, Nana Maru San Batsu, Shoukoku no Altair, Centaur no Nayami, Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou, and lastly, New Game!!.

I also watched some of the leftovers of Spring Season like Boku no Hero Academia, Sakura Quest, Sagrada Reset, Boruto, & Re:Creators.

Uuuuwwwwaaaaaa! My watch list is so long. I can’t believe it. I also can’t believe I still have time to watch all of this. This summer is going to be amazing and a long ride. :3

Summer 2017 Anime Season First Impressions……PART 2.

There are so many promising animes this summer season. I planned on posting a series of first impressions to the summer animes I’m currently watching. I already finished posting the first part. (Here)

Now for Part 2!! *claps* *claps*

Hajimete no Gal


Oooohohooohohoh. After watching the 2nd episode, I now like this anime. XD. At first, I find this anime meh, but now, it has potential. I really like Yame-san. The way she thinks and how she interacts with the main MC, Junichi. Junichi was also hilarious. Sometimes, I do feel like I want to smack his head cuz of his overthinking, but his thoughts are hilarious too. I just want him to enjoy his time with Yame-san. I also want more POV’s of Yame-san. Maybe because I am a girl (I might be biased), I just want to know her thoughts too. That would be interesting. I am excited for more moments of the main couple, and I hope this is not a harem show. I want this show to be different. Hmmmm….the only thing I don’t like in the series are Junichi’s friends. They are annoying, especially the blue-haired guy. I hope there would also be a character development on the friends, so that I won’t hate the forever. I will surely watch this weekly.

Koi to Uso


This show is one of the most anticipated animes of this season. It is adapted from a well-known manga with the same name. Everyone I know who watches seasonal anime, they recommend this to me. I don’t know why, but I find this show painful to watch. XD

The anime starts off with an intro to the story, the main source of the drama, arranged marriage forced by the government. This is the solution the Japanese government implemented to solved the low-birth rate in their country. This is kinda scary, cuz its too close to what is happening in real life. Currently, Japan is facing this type of crisis, having low birth rate and low number of people getting married. This crisis itself is a good drama plot. With the addition of the complicated relationships of the main characters, oh my! The Drama is over the charts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love drama. I really do. It’s just that, I am not into drama for now. It’s summer season, I want to watch animes that makes me smile. I felt this anime will only bring sad and frustrated feelings to me. Not good. XD So I might watch this after it aired, like what I did with Kuzu no Honkai. I prefer these type of animes to binge watch rather than waiting and watching it weekly.



Uuuuuwwwwaaaaa!!! I love this series. This is the first anime I had encountered that totally show and discuss the games that is not MMORPG. This is the first, and it is LIT.

The show starts of with a weird compromising scene, which the main characters have weird expressions on their faces. Noting that everyone is wearing summer uniform, so that means the scene will happen later on of the series. The next couple of scenes introduces the main characters and their first meeting. It also introduces the gaming club, and the other characters that were also interesting.

I really really like the art. The details in the character design and the detailed art for the games. I really love the random subtitles in the screen. It gives the viewers more info to about the characters, and gives the viewers some important hints of what’s to come.


The flow of the show is so unconventional, I really like it. The characters too, they are well written. For a first episode, I can totally see their personalities and it is so cute. That ending scene though, that was so shocking and so different than the usual. I really really like it. I can’t wait for more.

Tsurezure Children


Love! Love! Love!

Love is in the air!

This anime is about high school love. Different love stories happening in one school. Everything is so cute and fluffy. The love stories are also cute and it makes my heart flutter. I really really love it. This is what I’m looking for. It is so sweet that I even can’t stop smiling and giggling while watching this anime. Looking forward for the next episodes.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.


Oh my…another isekai series.

The same formula. A guy dies in the real world, transported to another world, will meet different girls and make a harem. The only difference, the guy has his phone. Unlimited battery type of phone. Waw. So interesting. -_-

The main character is refreshing though. He is so straightforward and smart, but I can’t really say if he is dense yet in this first episode. He is also overpowered type of character. The other characters introduced in the first episode were kind of, bland and not that memorable. I like how the world building is done by the main character asking then the other characters answering. It boring along the way, cuz of all the talking. The in-between animation are cute too. At least, they look interesting. All in all, the series is just okay. I am not sure if I will watch this every week or I will just binge-watched. I am sure though that I won’t drop this anime.

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV)


“What is evil?–Whatever springs from weakness (Nietzsche, The Antichrist).”

After seeing this quote in the beginning of the series, I am totally hooked. I know this will be different from other animes….and I was right.

This anime feels alot like Oregairu, I really like it. Unfortunately, the animation seems a bit off. It seems stiff and weird in the eyes. The plot is really good. It is so interesting that I can’t wait for the next episode. For the characters, I really like the main character, the way he thinks, his actions, his reasoning, I totally understand. I also like the main female character’s personality, she is really mysterious and a total loner. I can totally empathize with the 2 main characters. That ending scene though, SAVAGE. The teacher was savage and honest. Damn savage. The system of the school is really intriguing, it made me want to attend to that kind of school. That would be interesting. It also made me want to watch more of the series. I am totally going to follow this series every week.

Netsuzou TRap


I love yuri. It’s one of my favorite genre. But this. This adaptation. Damn. Why?

To be honest, I am not a fan of this manga. Even though it is an yuri manga, I am not a fan of how the story is delivered. The story has potential, but the delivery is…uuuggggghhhhh. So knowing that this manga was chosen to have an anime, I am kind of disappointed. There are so many yuri mangas out there that needs adaptation, but no, they chose this one instead. So disappointing.

I was really looking forward to this adaptation, cuz it kind of represents the start of yuri going mainstream. OMG, I was disappointed. The artstyle, oh my ghad. It was so unappealing. The anime is 15 minutes long. FREAKING 15 MINUTES LONG. I really thought this is going to be a 24-minute anime, damn. No one announced that this will be a short anime. WTF. Sigh.

I really am disappointed with this anime, but I will still watch this. I will finish this anime. I will not watch it weekly, but at random time, when I feel like it.

Knight’s & Magic


This is another isekai series.


The feel is so different, and I totally dig it. The premise is kind of similar to Youjo senki. A middle-aged guy died in the real world, was reborn in another world with all his previous life memories and personality still in tact. It also has its on unique twist and story-wise, I am really digging it. Damn.

The story is well-paced, nothing is out of place. The animation fits the story well. The characters are really likable, especially the main character, he so cute. I want to have a lil bro like him. I am not sure if there will be romance in this series, but I do see some potential love interest (I am planning to read the light novel…if I still have time). Overall, this is an enjoyable anime. I’ll look forward to this every week.

Princess Principal


Spies. Steampunk. Cute Girls. Damn. This Anime is LIT.

From the poster and the synopsis itself, anyone could overlook this awesome series. Even I, almost skipped this series cuz I thought this will be another “cute girls doing cute stuff” type, but no, this series is totally different. It’s dark, it has action, it also has nice animation (The background sceneries are damn gorgeous) and it deals with serious and adult stuff. The animation is fluid and the pacing of the story is really good. I do have 2 things that turned me off in this first episode. The fact that it feels that this is going to be episodic and it seems to only focused on the main character, Ange, and not much on other characters, especially the princess (oh i feel sorry for her….what’s her role in the group anyways?). I do hope to see more of the other characters and more detailed explanation of  everything that is going on in the series. So excited for the next episodes.

Jikan no Shihaisha


I dropped this. That’s all. No discussion needed.








It was that bad.

Summer 2017 Anime Season First Impressions……PART 1.

Yay! *clap* *clap* This is a post related to the new animes this season. Yay! *claps*

A new anime season recently started, and compared to other seasons this year, the current line-up for this season is LIT. That means……SO MANY ANIME EPISODES TO WATCH. Yep. If I remember it correctly, this new season has atleast 50 animes. That many. Out of 50, I will only make my first impressions to the animes I am watching. The list is long, so there is a chance I might divide this to different parts. Ooohohoho.


My first impressions are all my own opinion. They are not really analytical or anything, they will be more on feels, spazz and expressions. I am a noob with this kind of content, so bear with me.

Let’s start.

Aho Girl


This show is stupid. Stupid but I like it. I like it, alot. It’s the best comedy of the season. I laughed my ass off, and this is the first time in a long time I actually physically faced palm myself. It was that stupid. The main character is so damn stupid I like it. XD The way the other characters react to the stupidness of the main character is hilarious. Especially the only male character, damn! His straightforward answers never disappoints me. The length of the show is supposed to be 15 minutes but it feels like watching I’m am watching a 24-minute anime. It was that enjoyable and good. Even rewatching it on a different day, the impact of their stupid jokes is still there. Damn…Such a nice way to start this summer anime season. I will surely watch this anime every week.

Fate Apocrypha


To be honest, I haven’t watched any fate anime series other than the spin-off Fate/Kaleid series (It has yuri, Of course it’s a must watch :3) and the parody Carnival Phantasm (one of the best parody animes I’ve seen XD). Because of that I am not that excited with this series at all. I even asked a friend of mine, who was a fan of the fate series, if I can watch this and he said yes.”This series is not really relevant to the main timeline of the fate series”, that was what he said. So I watched the first episode….and it was AWESOME.

I already have a vague idea about what’s going on in the fate series, so it was easy for me to digest this new fate anime. It was also different in a good way, I really like it. The art style is definitely different from Ufotable, but A-1 pictures up their game and made it into a visual eye-candy. And oh my gosh!….Saber of Red….OH MY GOD!!! She is so BADASS!! Oh my!!! I love this version of Saber. She might be my best waifu of the season. oooohohohohoh. I am definitely going to watch this every week.



I first heard about this series when Gigguk, an anituber, mentioned this in his youtube video,”5 Manga That Need More Attention”. I got intrigued by the premise and take note to read it in the future. The the next thing I learned, it will be released as an anime. Yas!

The anime was LIT. It has Kaiji feels, and I am so into it. Compared to Kaiji, the gambling feels in Kakegurui is less severe because the lives of the characters are not on the line. It is more on the pride. Money is still involve, well….it is gambling after all. It followed the manga well. The animation was toned down in the anime, it was softer and not that edgy compared to the manga. Nevertheless, it was still visually appealing in the eyes. This might be a good contender for best anime of the season. I will watch this every week.

Hina Logi


HHhhhmmmm…What should I say about this anime…..moe. This anime is moe. An anime about cute girls doing cute things. Don’t get me wrong. I love moe. I really do. Maybe I am not into it for now? Yep. I do enjoy some moments but not everything. For now, I will set this anime aside. It is not my cup of tea for the time being. I watch this when it is complete.

Isekai Shokudou


Food porn without porn, is that even possible? Yep. This anime is an example. Damn, the food looks so yummy I also want to visit the restaurant if it is for reals. With every episode I watch, It makes me hungry….it just showed how well animated the show is. Same as Shokugeki no Souma, the characters also described how yummy the food they are eating, which makes me more hungry. I’ll definitely watch this weekly too.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu


This show is definitely a show about handsome guys with swords. With the awesome animation from ufotable, it is indeed a good watch. But I don’t think I would watch this weekly. The premise is not that appealing to me. I’ll watch this after it completes.



What’s up with guys and sports?? Lel. This is an anime about guys and water, like Free. However, unlike Free, who focused more on competitive swimming, this is more about competitive diving. Maybe in the future we will get another anime about synchronized swimming, ooohohohohoho now that would be very interesting.

As for the anime, I am not comfortable with the animation. It feels weird, and not flowy. It doesn’t blend. I even find its animation kind of similar to the animation I see on some porn animes. Lel, I don’t want to badmouth this anime, it has potential I promise. It’s just that the animation reminds me of porn animation. I will give this anime another chance and watch more episodes, I might change my mind. I will determine if I should watch this weekly or wait for it to finish. If ever it does disappoint me later on, I will drop this anime.

Konbini Kareshi


This anime…..is kinda…boring. Not just kinda, let me correct myself, it is definitely boring. I tried to give it a chance and watch more episodes, but it is still boring. There were some moments I think shed a little light of hope but it get shattered later on. From the animation to the voice acting, everything…it is not appealing at all. So disappointing. I have no choice but to drop this anime.

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun


This. THIS! This is really good. It really made me laugh and the anime reminds me of Sakamoto desu ga, which was also a good comedy anime from last year. I really like how they use Aoyama’s neat freak personality to the fullest in comedy. I also like the fact that their coach understands Aoyama and let the other team members understand him too. This anime is a good contender for Aho girl as the best comedy anime in the season. I will watch this weekly for sure.

Ballroom e yokoso


Now this is interesting. Dancesports in anime. LIT. I never knew this day would come. I must thank Yuri on Ice anime for this. XD

Well, Dancesports is well liked by everyone in the world. Seeing it animated is really delightful. I had only seen the first episode, even so, I am totally digging this sports anime. The visuals are like of Haikyuu and I love it (Production I.G…THANK YOU!). To be honest, the story is not new. There are so many animes who also have similar premise, but the execution makes up for the lack of originality. I will watch this for sure. I also heard it has a manga, I’ll definitely read it.