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TV Series Feature: Orthros no Inu

I think now you guys know that I like to watch shows where my bias is part of the cast. Well, it can’t be helped. Though, I recently watch alot of series where I dunno the casts. hehehehehhe.

Anyway, here’s another Nishikido Ryo series that I like.


Drama: The Dog of Orthros

Romaji: Orthros no Inu

Japanese: オルトロスの犬

Network: TBS

Episodes: 9

Release Date: July 24 – September 25, 2009

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Starring: Nishikido Ryo, Takizawa Hideaki, Mizukawa Asami, Takito Kenichi, etc.

Synopsis: Ryuzaki Shinji who possesses a “God Hand”, the power to heal wounds and illnesses just by touching the patient, is in fact a dark introvert who does not reveal his true self to others. Aoi Ryosuke who possesses the “Demon’s Hand”, the power to kill a person just by touching him, is as kind and pure as an angel. When the demon meets the God, a fatal battle begins…

Detective Hasebe Nagisa gets caught by the criminals during a deep cover operation. Ryosuke, a man she does not even know comes to save her and she witnesses his “Demon’s Hand” in action. Thereafter she discovers by coincidence the existence of Shinji’s “God Hand” and brings the two together. Little did she know that this would cause great disorder to the world and even to her own life… (MyDramaList)

My Thoughts:

Orthros no Inu blew me away. The plot was so interesting and intriguing. I enjoyed binge-watching everything.

The story was unique. It tackles what it means to be human and our human nature. All of us are born good and bad, it depends on you and your choices which side you are on. In this series, the situations the characters faced tested their vulnerable sides and their own humanity. Would they do the bad thing? Or do what is the right thing to do. The series was quite intense.

But what made the series really good were the characters. Two main characters who happens to be siblings and are polar opposites. They happened to possess both a blessing and a curse. The older brother weilds the “God’s Hand” and heals other people, while the younger brother weilds the “Demon Hand” and easily kills people. They didn’t ask for this powers, but they had to live with it. Its a struggle between the two brothers and their contradicting views made this series really intriguing to watch. The mystery and suspense surrounding them, added with political drama and amazing chemistry between the casts, its this could easily be my favorite series. But…its not.

As much as I love this series, the negative parts of the story made me turn a bit off. The pacing was a bit too fast, which was a bummer. Yeah, this series was only 9 episodes, if it was a bit longer then it would have been better. Another thing would be Nishikido Ryo’s acting. It was lacking and I was expecting more from him. Rather than be on the same level with Takizawa Hideaki, Nishikido Ryo’s acting lacked abit of emotions. There were moments were he is bland compared to Taki. It was disappointing. Lastly, the development of Mizukawa Asami’s character. I had seen Mizukawa’s acting before, and bruh, she is good. She is also good here in this series, but she didn’t get enough development. It was a waste. But all of this are all my opinion, so don’t take too seriously.

So yeah, those negative points definitely affected my adoration to this series. Still, I would still consider this series as one of the unique and intriguing ones offered by Japan. Definitely worth the watch.

Thanks for reading!!


My Deadly Top 7: Top Favorite Japanese TV Series


After sharing to you guys my current favorite japanese films, I now wanna share my top jdorama favs. Compared to the movies, I had watched quite alot of japanese dramas. Dunno how much, but I do know its less than the animes. LOL. Not only jdramas, but also kdramas & chinese/taiwanese dramas but thats for another set of entries.

This list is all over the place when it comes to genres. From drama, crime drama to comedy, I watch them all. I don’t have s specific type of genre to watch, as long as I like the actors in the series then everything is all good. So might notice that most of the series mentioned below has the same set of casts. Hehehheehhe.

It was hard for me to pick the top 7 jdramas cuz I enjoyed alot of them, but still I was able to choose. But before share them, I do wanna share some honorable mentions. These jdramas I’m about to mention are really good ones and had a chance to be part of my top 7 list but got shortlisted. Anyway, here they are:

Proposal Daisakusen
Buzzer Beat
Attention, Please!
Taiyou no Uta
Joker: Yurusarezaru Sousakan
Doctor X series
Gokusen series

I won’t give much details about them, I just wanna let you know guys that you also need to check them out. They are all worth it.

Now for the main feature, here’s my top favorite japanese tv series: (this is in order)

7. My Boss, My Hero


Synopsis: The show is about Makio Sakaki (榊 真喜男), also known as “Tornado”, a 27-year-old yakuza, who wants to succeed his father at the head of the gang. But Makio is a little dumb, so his father decides to send him back to high school and makes a deal with him: if he can graduate he can become the new leader of the gang. If Makio doesn’t graduate, the position of boss will be given to his younger brother, Mikio. And that is how the hero goes back to school, hiding his identity and age. (Asianwiki)

My Thoughts: Before I even know/watched the famous and well-known school series, GTO & Gokusen, My Boss, My Hero was my jam…even until now. The mix of comedy, school, drama, and gangsta in the series was the best thing I had seen. Its so fun to watch. Even now, I still laugh my ass off watching this series. Seeing Tomoya Nagase of TOKIO as a high school student is already hilarious, and with that kind of storyline, bruh, full enjoyment is indeed the end game after watching the series.


6. Hotaru no Hikari: It’s Only A Little Light In My Life


Synopsis: It is said that many working women in their twenties are clandestinely, sloppy and lazy homebodies. At work, they put on a facade of living it up in glitz and glamour, but at home, they live as ultimate sexless slobs! Hotaru Amemiya (Haruka Ayase), who works in the interior design industry in Tokyo, is truly one such homebody. She would rather sleep than date and loves to dilly-dally at home, clad in a stained T-shirt and sweat pants, drinking beer while scratching her behind. But her comfy homebody life is threatened when one day, her boss, Takano (Naohito Fujiki), moves into her house out of the blue. Then, at work, an up-and-coming young designer, Makoto Teshima (Kazuki Kato) returns from London, and Hotaru’s life takes a new turn. She falls in love! How will the homebody girl respond to Makoto’s bold move? Will she remember how to be feminine again? (Asianwiki)

My Thoughts: A japanese tv series about a woman in her 20’s who is a hikikomori and loveless, who doesn’t like that plot??? I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! Hotaru no Hikari is so funny, lighthearted, and romantic. I always feel good after re/watching this series. Its not just the story that made this series really really good, but also the characters and the actors portraying them. Haruka Ayase did a wonderful job in portraying the main character. She is so good. Also, I actually had a crush with Naohito Fujiki as the male lead through out the franchise. One of the best rom-com Jdorama I had ever seen in my whole life.


5. Ryuusei no Kizuna


Synopsis: At the age of 11, Koichi Ariake discovers his parents brutally murdered in their home. Furthermore, Koichi must tell his two younger siblings the aweful truth about their parents disappearance. 14 years later the three siblings still feel as much rage against their parents murderer as the day it happened. Then one day they locate the murderer… (Asianwiki)

My Thoughts: I didn’t expect I would love Ryuusei no Kizuna. What got me hook in this series was the fact that the 3 main characters were portrayed by my favorites, Nishikido Ryo, Ninomiya Kazunari & Toda Erika. Eyegasms overload. Not only the characters, but also the intriguing plot, very interesting stories in every episode and that shocking twist reveal at the last episode of the series. I totally didn’t expect that at all. It was an amazing experience. No matter how much I rewatch this, I still enjoy watching this series.

PS: I still have the theme song of this series on my ‘need to cry’ playlist. Ooohohohoho.


4. Bloody Monday


Synopsis: Based on Ryo Ryumon’s manga, “Bloody Monday” centers around high school student Fujimaru Takagi (Haruma Miura). Fujimaru Takagi is a white hat computer hacker who must clear his father’s name by solving the “Bloody Monday” mystery involving Russian terrorists.

My Thoughts: Bloody Monday was one of the first japanese drama I had watched that doesn’t have any romance, and was more into suspense, action thriller. I was still in highschool when I watched it and it amazed me to the max. I had always been a fan of this kind of series/movies since I was a kid, so seeing it portrayed and executed really really well, I’m stoked. The way the story flowed, from start to finish, had me on the edge of my seat. It was intense and I can’t stop watching it. Even the 2nd season, didn’t even disappoint. Though storywise, the sequel was abit all over the place, but still it was still enjoyable to watch. The characters were really engaging and intriguing, It was so fun to watch them grow and be awesome. It was also through this series where I discover Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru. They were still so young here, and their acting were on point. Though I am abit weirded out (and still am) with Takeru’s hair in this series. Thank goodness he looks so good now.

This series also made me check out its manga, and bruh, its really good.


3. Code Blue


Synopsis: The “Doctor Helicopter” system was legalized in Japan in June 2007. A medical team is dispatched to the patients on a helicopter to provide medical care in the field as soon as possible. One day, four young physicians are assigned to this latest medical system. The doctors experience traumatic medical situations, deal with personal ambitions, witness the fragility of life, and they grow personally and professionally.

My Thoughts: Yamapi. Aragaki Yui. Toda Erika. In a medical drama series? With a star-studded cast like this and amazing plot…How can I not love this one??

Code Blue was the first ever medical drama I had seen that is Japanese. I was in med school when I first watched it and I got hooked…so bad. Everything about this series made me check out more and more Japanese medical dramas. The plot itself is really interesting and quite unique. Though it is episodic, the situations the characters faced in every episode were really intriguing and it really spiked my interest in medicine. It was awesome to watch.


2. SPEC: Birth


Synopsis: Like the original series, “SPEC” will revolve around a pair of police detectives as part of a special division solving difficult cases (Mishou). Touma Saya is a woman with an IQ of 201 and an inability to “read the atmosphere” in social situations. Due to a previous case, her left arm is in a sling. Her partner Sebumi Takeru used to be the star performer of the Metropolitan Police. After some incident however, he was transferred to Mishou. Those two track down offenders with special abilities(SPEC) who managed to get away with their crimes. (DramaWiki)

My Thoughts: What got me hooked to this series was the plot. Yes, Toda Erika is the main character. I do admit, I checked this out cuz she is here in the series. But it was the synopsis that made me watch the series. The plot was really intriguing. A detective with an IQ of 201? Special abilities? Unsolved cases? HELL YEAH. This series didn’t disappoint. I really really love the story, the amazing writing, and mix of genres. Usually, comedy doesn’t mix well with crime drama, but in this series, it was mixed well. You won’t even question the absurdiness of everything that was going on. You just relax and binge-watch the whole damn thing and then you’ll go on a roller coaster ride of enjoyment. Its that fun. I mean, this series even get alot of special sequels, its that awesome! Ooohohohohooh.


1. One Litre of Tears


Synopsis: The story of a family whose 15-year old eldest daughter comes down with an incurable disease (Spinocerebellar Degeneration) but puts up a fierce battle to live while bearing up under her infirmity. It also recounts in a positive manner the warm-hearted days of her family, boyfriend and friends who cried and laughed while supporting her. The original work of the same name is a diary that a girl kept after the outbreak of her disease to gain courage in grappling with the illness and including her words of encouragement to her self, her reflections and her words of gratitude that were written until she could no longer hold a pen. The fresh and sensitive texts and poems created a sensation among the reading public in Japan, becoming a best seller with sales of more than 1.1 million copies. Even today, 19 years after it was originally published, it continues to provide the courage to live to many people. (Asiawiki)

My Thoughts: Uuuwwwaaaa…. this series. 1 litre of tears will forever be my number 1 japanese tv series of all time. No matter how much I rewatch this series, the result is still the same, I would be a crying mess. I have no words to describe how much I love this series. Its both heartwretching and painful, yet it also gives me hope and courage. The story, the characters, the struggles, the happy moments, their relationship with each other, the life lessons I learnt watching this series….everything. I cherish them all. And yeah, I won’t forget to mention my bae, Nishikido Ryo. It was through this series that I became I huge fan of him, and he will always be my number 1 Japanese male idol crush in my heart.


That was a bit longer than I expected it to be. Heh.

Please do check out the Japanese tv series I mentioned above. They are all worth it of your time and are MUST WATCH.

Anyway, that is all.

Thanks for reading!!





TV Series Feature: Riverdale


It’s been awhile since I made a tv series feature. It can’t be helped, watching tv series is not really my priority right now. Anyway, I just want to share my thoughts about this series I  watch but then I got disappointed after seeing the new season. Yep, I dropped this ‘famous’ tv series. Don’t blame me just yet, understand my POV then judge. LOL.

Anyway, here’s my thoughts:


Episodes: 48
Seasons: 2 (Ongoing)
Network: CW
Genre:  CrimeDramaMystery
Starring: K.J. ApaLili ReinhartCamila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, etc.

Synopsis: A subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome facade.

My Thoughts:

I am a huge Pretty Little Liars fan, for years. Ever since it ended, I craved for something similar to it. Then Riverdale came into the picture, and everyone were hyped about it. On my part, I definitely got curious about how this Archie adaptation would work out. Infairness, I got hooked by the story.

Riverdale is, in a way, a live-action to Archie. Most of the characters and the settings were based from the Archie comics. It was weird at first, but you get used to it because your attention would shift from the “Archie live-action” thing to the main plot of the story, “Who killed Jason?”. The first season’s plot didn’t disappoint. I like the story, the mood, the characters, and it got me intrigued as to where this series was going. Riverdale was pretty solid, and it definitely relieved my itch for some young adult suspense tv series that I was looking for after PLL. I couldn’t stop watching it.

To be honest, I didn’t even expect that this series would even get a 2nd season. The main plot is solved, what’s there to tackle? Then the last episode of the first season came, and oh boiii I dropped my mouth to the floor. I didn’t expect that kind of cliffhanger ending for a first season. I mean, I thought it would be like in PLL, where you get trolled for thinking that you solved it, but nah, it went the other way. It actually made me want to watch the 2nd season. But bruh, 2nd season was a disappointment. It was worse than I thought it would be.

The 2nd season continues where we left off from the ending. Everything went well, but then, the shower scene came. THAT WAS UNNECESSARY. Sigh. Do they really need to add sex/making out scenes at every moment in the series? I was supposed to be sympathizing and feeling the anguish of what just happen, then I see 2 main characters making out in the showers? Huge turn off. I let it slide. I had seen worse so maybe Riverdale would improve.

BUT IT DIDN’T. It continued to suck and disappoint me every episode. The characters frustrates me to hell, the story was not as consistent as the first season, and more steamy scenes that were unnecessary. Sigh. And that’s why I dropped this series. Yes, I didn’t finish it and I don’t want to. Its hard to watch it you know.

Compared to PLL (yeah bruh, gonna continue to compare this two), Riverdale sucked immediately after season 1, while the former series sucked around the 5th season. It seams that the writers of Riverdale poured their heart & souls onto making the season 1, that’s why its really good, but wasn’t able to deliver in the season 2. They might have not anticipated the hype and popularity of the series, and wasn’t able to prepare a good story for season 2. This is just my opinion, bruh.

So yeah, now you know. I dropped this series and I have no plans to watch this again. Even my sister dropped this one after watching the first episode of the 2nd season, that sure speaks for something.

Anyway, don’t make my opinion spoil your interest for the series. Everything I say here are all my thoughts, don’t be influence by it. Watch it then judge it for yourself. Okay?

Now, that is all. Thanks for reading.

TV Series Feature: Doctor-X (Season 2)

Time for me to share my thoughts for season 2.

Drama: Doctor-X
Romaji: Dokuta-X Gekai Daimon Michiko
Japanese: ドクターX ~外科医・大門未知子~
Director: Naomi Tamura, Hidetomo Matsuda
Writer: Miho Nakazono, Aya Takei
Network: TV Asahi
Episodes: 9
Release Date: October 17 – December 19, 2013
TV Ratings: 23.0% (weekly average)
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

Starring: Ryoko Yonekura, Naohito Fujiki, Yuki Uchida, Kenichi Endo, Ittoku Kishibe, Yoshiko Mita, Toshiyuki Nishida, etc.

Synopsis: Michiko (Ryoko Yonekura) enjoys a day watching horse racing at a race track in Hokkaido. Meanwhile, a woman, who is wearing luxurious fur and served by an attractive young man, sits in the owner’s chair, drinking champagne.

The horse, which is owned by the woman, blocks the path of another horse. The horse that is blocked is the horse that Michiko bet on. She loses all of her money and doesn’t even have enough for transportation.

Later, the horse racing staff informs the horse owner that her horse has a fractured leg and needs to be euthanized. The woman though refuses to put her horse to sleep. The horse cost 100 million yen. While the woman and the staff argue over the fate of her horse, Michiko happens to overhear their dispute. A veterinarian tells the woman that even if her horse has an operation, it won’t do any good. Hearing the veterinarian say that, fires up Michiko and she informs the owner that she will perform the operation on her horse. Michiko then heads to the operation room.

A few weeks later, Michiko attends a conference at Teito University Hospital in Tokyo. At the conference, doctors talk about treatment for a thighbone sarcoma patient. Doctors there make a decision to amputate the patient’s leg. Only one voice speaks out in dissent. That voice belongs to Michiko.

An uproar occurs at the conference over Michiko’s dissent. Michiko insists on saving the patient’s leg, while a hospital manager tries to push Michiko away. Then, the internal medicine department head calms down everyone. The internal medicine department head is the horse owner in Hokkaido.

My Thoughts:

For a sequel, I am not disappointed at all. On the contrary, I find this season better than the first one. Its much more enjoyable and the conflicts were much harder this time.

In some ways, the plot is similar to the first season. The differences were the conflicts, Daimon’s first encounter to some of the university doctors, and Daimon’s love interest. Yep, you read that right. In this season, we actually got a possible ship to route for. Yeeeeee!!

One of the things I like about the series would be the plot progression and the unexpected conflicts. Even though its only 9 episodes, the story was delivered really well. I never felt any changes in the pace, it was consistent all the way. I also like that some characters were the enemies on some episodes, then become comrades on the other episodes. It just shows how human they are, they have both good and bad sides to them. Definitely a plus.

Another thing I really really like in this series would be the new characters. I am quite shock to see Naohito Fujiki here, cuz he is BAE. Seeing him as Ryoko Yonekura’s love interest definitely excited me and their chemistry is through the roof. Naohito Fujiki never fails to amaze me, he always have good chemistry with his partners. Yoshiko Mita, surely made me confused the most. She’s so mysterious, I can’t read her. On some episodes, she seemed to be on the good side, on other episodes, she’s on the other side. Damn, everytime she smiles, I can’t really tell if she’s planning something bad or was it a genuine one. Such a marvelous actress. As always, Ryoko Yonekura & Yuki Uchida were BADASS as Daimon Michiko & Hiromi Jonouchi. I really really like that in this season, we get to see more of Hiromi Jonouchi’s playful side now that she’s also a freelance doctor. She interacts really well with Daimon’s literal old buddies. I also like the fact that Daimon Michiko is definitely the improved version from the previous season. She’s still sassy, but she now knows how to interact well with the patients. I also like her short hair in this season compared to the previous one.

Last thing I really like about this series was the growth of the characters. It wasn’t only Daimon who grew all through out the 9 episodes, but also the other doctors in the university hospital. They grew tremendously, to a point I don’t see them as shallow doctors only following what their superior commands them to do. It was really nice to watch.

Overall, this season is a must watch especially if you finished the first season. Its alot better and more enjoyable. I definitely had a great time watching this one.

Gonna move on to the 3rd season.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading.

TV Series Feature: The Librarians

I was a fan of the ‘The Librarians’ movies. I saw them frequently on TV (HBO, Star Movies…I love you) years ago, I fell in love with them and I really really want to watch more of the movie. It was through my dad that I discovered that there’s a tv series version of the movie. I was so happy!


Episodes: 42
Seasons: 4 (recently cancelled)
Network: TNT
Genre: ActionAdventureComedy
Starring: Rebecca Romijin, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, etc.

Synopsis: A group of librarians set off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts.

My Thoughts:

I love this show!!!

Every bit of this series is what i had been looking for for years. As a fan of anime, I had been a fan of magical shows. I find them very appealing, fun, and imaginative. Magic can be interpreted and explained in different forms, it depends on the story being told. This series pretty much nailed every thing I know about magic and history.

The Librarians is definitely a series for the people who loves history and magic (LIKE ME, Hehehehe). The connection between the two goes way back to the myths and legends. I really really like the fact that this series tackles those stories that had been deemed as fake and only just a myth/legend. Even though I do know that it might not happen in real life, since this series features real people  (3D characters and not the typical 2D that I see in anime), its kinda hard not to hope and wonder if the Librarians and the magic really exists. If God exists, why can’t magic and other myths/legends exists too?? Anyway, we are getting kinda out of topic here. Lel.

What I like about this series was the fact that this series is not that hard to watch/ to follow. I had seen ‘The Magicians’ series, and it was dark, deep, & edgy. But this series, The Librarians, balanced comedy, drama, & action, its very exciting to watch. Even though the series is episodic, those genres were used properly which makes the viewers gets shocked that they enjoy a series like this one.

Another thing that I really like of this show would be the relatability of the characters. Each one of them is very unique, different and special. Each of them has a roles and position in the group. There wasn’t a moment in the series where a character got neglected. Each of them has always something to do. When I first saw this series, I really thought the Asian looking Australian thief would be set aside cuz I thought he’s abilities  were limited to stealing stuff. I WAS WROONG. Lel. He’s very vital in the group. He’s very smart & smooth, you can’t help but like this guy.

I think my only problem with the series would be the undeveloped romance of Flynn & Eve. I mean, after their slightly brief first meeting, there is immediate attraction between the two. I thought their relationship were ‘colleagues but I just happen to be attracted to you’, but it was more than that. It was a bit shocking to me how fast their relationship flourished. I did rewatch the first few episodes of S1, to know if there were hints, but it was too acute to even consider as a hint. LEL. It seemed all the development of their romance happened so behind the scenes or something. I’m just justifying things now. Haha!

Hhhhmmmm…are there any more negative points I could think of? Hhhhmmmm…as of right now…Nope. All I get from this series are full of good vibes, each episode always brings a satisfied smile on my face.

Overall, this series is a must watch, especially to people who likes/interested in history, myths and maigc. The way the play around those themes and the already known infos and still make everything fun and light is giving me the feels I haven’t seen on a western tv series (most I see these days are either too angsty or action crime drama). I do hope you get to feel it too.

Definitely worth a try you know!!

That’s all for now, Thanks for reading.


TV Series Feature: Something About 1 Percent

Usually, remakes of widely known series/movies are hit or miss. It would either suck or b better than the previous version. Infairness, this time around, they surpassed the original version.


Drama: Something About 1% (literal title)
Revised romanization: 1%ui Eoddungut
Hangul: 1%의 어떤것
Director: Kang Cheol-Woo
Writer: Hyun Go-Woon (novel & screenplay)
Network: Dramax
Episodes: 16
Release Date: October 5 – November 24, 2016
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Starring: Ha Seok Jin, Jeon So Min, Kim Hyung Min, Joo Jin Moo, etc.

Synopsis: Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) possesses a good appearance, he is smart and comes from a wealthy family, but he is also arrogant. His grandfather orders Jae-In to enter into a 10 month contract engagement with a female school teacher that he has never met in his life. Lee Jae-In slowly falls in love with her.

My Thoughts:

I watched the original ‘Something about one percent’ a long long time ago. It was aired on tv, specifically on the weekends after the animes were aired. I barely remember everything that happened in the series, but I could still remember the main premise and how much I enjoyed watching it. When I heard that there’s going to be a remake of the said series, I was a bit scared and excited at the same time. Like I said in the intro, remakes are a hit or miss.

Thank God this was a masterpiece.

With the success of a lot of K-dramas that has unique premise nowadays, a simple and cute romance series like this one is refreshing. I do admit, the main premise of this series is sooooooooo generic, well, its a remake of a famous K-drama in the early 2000’s after all. Its understandable.

Now time to mention the stuff I love about this series.

First. I really really love the characters. I was a bit nervous cuz there’s a chance the actors and actresses won’t live up to the original, but man, they are so good. Their acting is so good. Ha Seok Jin & Jung So Min portrayed the characters really well. Each one of them gave justice to Kang Dong Won’s & Kim Jung Hwa’s characters. The main couple has so much chemistry, they are so cute together. I also like the supporting characters. They didn’t disappoint.

Second. This series is so well paced. To condense a 26 episode series into a 16 episode one is so surreal and hard to do. The writers of the new series definitely remade the original story really well. There wasn’t a boring moment, and everything was laid out really well. I binged this series in one go. My overflowing feels prevents me to stop watching. It was that good.

Now, let me share to you the stuff I don’t like about the series.The only thing I don’t like is the fact that people take this serues for granted. One reason would be the fact that this series wasn’t aired in a known broadcasting network. Not many people knows about this series and thats a bit sad. This series is really good and it deserves attention. Another reason was the fact that this series a remake of a well known material. The expectations of the fans were a bit high, and they didnt give this series a chance to shine.

Overall, this series is very good and a good romance series to binge watch. Give this one a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

100 Followers Special!! Q & A Session!!! Thank you very much Everyone :)

Yay! Yay! Yay!

I just reached 100 Followers!! Specifically, I have 105 followers now. Thank you very much Everyone for supporting a noob writer like me. I didn’t expect this at all. Thank you very much!!

To give back your support, I thought of doing a Q & A session where I answer your questions. Please bear with me if you find my answers weird or indifferent from what you expect. XD

I tried my best to answer them as honestly as I could. Heheheheheh.

Without further ado, here are the questions given to me by you guys and my answers.

From KingDylbag13:

…Are you a fan of naoki urasawa’s?

I’m not a fan of Naoki Urasawa, but I do respect his works. I’m very interested to read his mangas and watch its anime adaptations. 🙂

From thespookyredhead:

…What anime coming out in the spring season are you most excited for?

Oh my!!! A hard question!! Hahahahaha. To be honest, I haven’t checked the anime line-up of the next season. But to answer your question, I’m gonna check out the line-up now.





..need to calm down. *inhale….*exhale….Hhhmmm…


What I’m looking forward the most for the release of Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, I read the manga and love it very much. The rest are: Mahou Shoujo OreComic GirlsAmanchu! AdvanceMahou Shoujo SiteTada-kun wa Koi wo ShinaiSaredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to OdoruFull Metal Panic! Invisible VictoryHigh School DxD HeroSword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara – Toutsuki Ressha-henTokyo Ghoul:re, and lastly, Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season.

Damn, so many really good animes next season. RIP time management. Hahahahaha.

From Joseph Beach:

1) If you started a cult what kind of cult would it be?
2) Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or a horse sized duck?
3) What are your favorite foods?
4) Are you looking forward towards anything?

A cult, huh. Hmm, I would start a cult of idol fans. That be very interesting. XD

I would rather fight a 100 duck sized horses over a horse sized duck. I’m small in height, so fighting smaller horses would be alot easier. Lel.

My favorite foods are Calamares, and Fried Chicken. Heheheheheh.

I am looking forward towards the day when I gather enough money to buy a tab for my review and studies. Its good to buy important stuff that comes from my blood, sweat & effort.

Just you wait LENOVO P8 TAB3 8 Plus, I’m gonna buy you next month!!

From alfredopasta:

1) Favorite Love Live song (might be a tough one lol) and
2) Do you have any seiyuu (voice actors/actresses) that you admire?

Favorite Love live song. Oh man, this is tough. Hahahahah. Hhhhmmm… I could easily choose the Aqours’ Aozora Jumping Heart as my current favorite. But that’s an Aqours song, it would be weird if I wouldn’t mention a μ’s song. My favorite μ’s song would be Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki. Both songs hit me with feels I can’t explain. Both are on repeat on my music playlist. Heheheheheh..

I do! I do! I used to like Aya Hirano during her Haruhi Suzumiya & Fairytail days. Even though I’m not following her much now, I could still identify her voice immediately. Lel. My current favorites are Kurusawa Tomoyo & Hanasawa Kana. I really really loved Kurusawa Tomoyo’s performance in Hibike Euphonium & the recent Houseki no Kuni, though I first discovered her in Aikatsu. She sounds so real and full of emotions. I can’t explain it in words, she’s….amazing. For Hanasawa Kana, I first became a fan of hers through her music, I didn’t know she was a seiyuu until I researched. Lel. I didn’t expect she was the one who voiced Ayase of Guilty Crown, Kanade of Angel Beats, Shiemi of Ao no Exorcist and my all-time favorite performance of hers, Akane of Psycho-pass. There’s something in Hanasawa’s voice that is soothing in my ears. Both seiyuus are really amazing. Can’t wait for their next projects.

From John Spencer:

What is your favorite game to play right now? It could be a video game, board game, or whatever. I think that would be an interesting thing to learn about you.

Favorite game?? Now that I’m working, I rarely play games (I miss playing games, bruh!!). But I do enjoy the android games on my phone like FukumuRun, 1010!, Random Mahjong & Unblock Me. Those games keep me entertain and keep my brain stimulating. Its really fun. Heheheheh

From Irina:

…What would you like to do with your blog in the next year?

Next year? Oh my, I haven’t think that far ahead yet. Lel.


I would like to make it big, be able to connect to people, other than the peeps in the anime fandom, and read my posts too. I will still heavily post anime-related content (Of course! Anime is ❤ ), but I also want to be able make idol-, tv series-, concerts-  and music-related contents. Especially, I do want to share my own works too (yeeee!), ….once I gather enough confidence (LOL!).

I currently have so many ideas for my blog, but I haven’t execute them yet due to time constraint. I’m a bit of a ‘my pace’ kind of person, but I would like to release stuff on a schedule to accommodate all my ideas. Hehehehhe.

And last…

From nesha e´:

Marry me?

Oh my…


A proposal!!! This is so unexpected!! I only just got 100 followers… What to do??? How should I reply?? Hhhhmmmm…



I’m sorry nesha e´, but I’m too busy right now to entertain romance.


Ask me again next time. Heheheh 😉




Well, that’s all the questions!

Wooh!! Those were some interesting questions. Hehehehehe.

Thank you very much for the questions. I really appreciated them.

Please do continue supporting my weird blog. I will do my best and release more ‘awesome’ content that won’t disappoint you and myself.

That is all.

Thanks for reading. 😉