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Pokemon Movie 21: Power of Us | When Sirius Writes

After watching the previous Pokemon Movie last year, my interest to this franchise is slowly growing. Like, right now, I just downloaded the Pokemon Go app and will start play soon. Lol.

As I could never push myself to watch the whole series from scratch, I can only appreciate this franchise by watching its movies.

But as of right now, I dont have any copy of their old movies, so I just watch its latest movie instead. Made by the studio that brought us Attack on Titan and The Ancient Magus Bride, here’s my thoughts about Pokemon Movie 21 – The Power of Us.


Doctor X3 TV Series Review | When Sirius Writes

Yo! Sirius here!!

Omg!! Its been months since my last Asian drama review. I should have been more updated with it.


Anyway, as for my comeback in the Asian drama review world, I’m here to share my thoughts about the 3rd installment of one of my favorite medical drama, Doctor X.

CebuLitFest X Comicket 2019 | When Sirius Writes

Ever since I started living here in the city, I always wanted to atteend alot of festivals and conventions. Problem was, I had no money to buy goods and stuffs as I was a poor uni student. Lol.

Thats why, now that I’m adulting, I can now afford it. YAAASS!!

For today, let me share to you my experience after attending a recent festival here in my place, CebuLitFest X Comicket 2019.

To read more, check out here.