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Hello~ I'm a living paradox. But aren't we all?

At a crossroad…

Hi guys and gals! Here with a scribble. I’m feeling angst-y. I hope you won’t get triggered by me and have great days all the same.


My heart is at a crossroad,

Should I leave?

Or should I stay?

I fought for you… for us…

And after everything that’s happened,

‘I love you’, I said…

And you told me the same.

But you want to stay friends,

Saying you’re not ready.

It pains me to no end,

Do I wait ’till you’re ready?

Well can I, really?

My heart is wounded,

My commitment — jaded.

Though I’m still hoping,

But it feels like I’m the only one fighting.

I’m exhausted and done,

Slowly letting go of the idea of us as one.

Let the Universe decide,

For our greatest good, I abide.

~ Floaty~



How can two people who love and would want to be with each other decide not to be with each other? Sigh. This push and pull thing is killing me inside.





Still hoping

Hi! Floaty here again~ I hope you guys are doing well. Dropping by with a scribble 🙂


Promises we made before,

I took them to my core.

I hope and believed,

With all my heart, I did.

That we were into something,

Something that was real…

more than just a feeling.

But in just a moment,

I refused to accept…

It feels like just a dream,

Only that, it wasn’t —

You’ve forgotten our promise,

When you made another with someone else.

It gets hard to breathe,

Finding it difficult to live…

The future I looked so forward to,

What I believed was true…

Came crashing down just like that.

Could we ever go back?

I want to… I really still want to…

– Floaty



Floaty’s Intro~ and my first scribble.

Hello guys! I’m Floaty, the new writer around here 🙂 I wouldn’t really call myself a writer though… More like a scribbler… so yeah, I’ll be posting more in the Scribbles section.
This is also my first post~ an intro and a scribble because I’m bad at intros (really).
So! A bit about my current state…
Right now, I’m going through something…
Something I never thought could ever happen to me – a heart break.
It’s so much painful than I’ve read in any fanfic or novels. It’s like x10 or even x50. It lingers even after crying and crying. And those melodramatic scenes in movies after a break up? I scoffed at those before like it’s just a freakin’ act! But now? I’ll break down and cry together with the actress/actor. I fully understand the pain. I’m even about to cry right now. Again…
Okay, moving on…!
Here’s one of the scribbles I wrote:
Asking questions,
Seeking answers…
But the truth is,
I’m just rationalizing…
hoping it will ease my pain.
And another truth is,
No matter what I do,
Or what I ask,
Or what answers I receive,
Nothing’s gonna change the fact…
That you love her,
And not me.
That you’d rather be with her,
Than with me.
And this is the ultimate truth,
The ruthless truth I wanted to run away from.
– Floaty