Starship Operators Anime Review | When Sirius Writes

Welcome to the Planet Chienne Stella where I, Will Sirius, will be introducing to you guys an anime you haven’t heard about.

Before me was YumDeku’s and K’s guys should check them out.

Of course, now the you entered this entry, it’s quite clear you guys know the title of the anime. Yes it is Starship Operators.

I admit, I am not a die hard fan of the genre, Space anime, but I do adore them and is fascinated by how vast the setting of the story. To be honest, I always wanted to watch them, but due to my forgetfulness and untimely mood swings I can’t seem to do so.

So believe me when I say I haven’t watched (or finished watching) the mainstream space animes like Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw star, Space Dandy, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and etc. Though, I did watch few Gundam animes, but that’s beside the point. Still, I was able to stumble across this piece of gem that had been hidden and not mentioned by many.

To know more, check out my review here.


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