Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku: Quick Thoughts

I am not a hater of isekai animes. I actually like and enjoy them. It’s just…I am getting bored of the same overpowered main characters, harem of girls and cliche premise. I just wish there would be something new…and I actually hoped this anime, Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku, would be different.

But it wasn’t.


When I first saw this anime, specifically the first episode, I thought this one had promise. An IT guy, one of the person making the game, actually transported to another world similar to his game. That really caught my eye.


All of my impressions went to trash when the main story unfolded. It was like any other isekai anime. It had all the cliches I wish it didn’t have.

Still, I enjoyed it. Even though this one was mediocre, it was fun to watch.

To keep this post positive, I want to share some good points about this anime.

What I like about this anime were the interesting abilities of the main character. The MC became overpowered right off the bat, the moment he got transported to the new world. All his overpowered abilties were really cool and intriguing, it makes me think he can do anything. I also liked how “reasonable” his actions were. From how he treats his “girls” and other people, you can’t find any faults in his actions. Bruh, he is too “perfect”. Lol.

Another thing I like about this series were the interesting personalities of his “harem” girls. I especially like the fellow Japanese girl who happened to be summoned into this new world too. Her actions are quite unpredictable at times, I kinda look forward to what she’s going to do next whenever she is on screen. I also like the other girls, but sometimes, they are too generic for me to care.

The character designs were nice too and the animation was passable. What I find really interesting was the layout of the screen of the MC. Every time the MC acquires something, either physical or ability, there is always a ping on show. His settings and his inventories were really on point, it made me remember the stuff on some of the games I used to play. It was really facinating.

Overall, the anime is quite a mediocre. With alot of better isekai animes released last year, this one couldn’t stand out. It was really enjoyable, but the generic-ness and too much cliche kinda ruined the whole series.

Still, I would recommend this to peepz who likes isekai animes. You guys might like this one and even try reading its source material.

I guess, that’s it for now.

Thanks for watching!!