Just me and my thoughts.


Sirius here.

This is a weird untimely entry, I just want to share some of my thoughts I guess.

It’s been a week since I started blogging again. My abrupt comeback. I wasn’t supposed to comeback you know. My planned date was December, but screw it, I threw my plan away and made a comeback.

I was too anxious. Too anxious.

After taking the licensure exam, yes, I did feel like a burden was lifted but I also felt some anxiety. “What am I going to do now?”, that’s just one of the fleeting thoughts in my head as I went home from the hotel. I can still remember the last few stuff the head of my review center told us, reviewers, that the results would not be released exactly one week, but would be pushed due to some unforseen circumstances. Now, I have 2 weeks to wait for the results. It can’t helped, so accepting that info seemed easy. But, it’s not. What am I going to do in the next 2 weeks? 2 weeks is too long for me to do nothing, that’s why I abruptly came back on blogging.

In some ways, I came abit prepared. I already made few entries (entries from my draft) to post in the first week, at least. This doing of mine helped me to take my mind of from the upcoming exam results. To be honest, I’m not really confident about my results, but bruh, I’ll already gave everything to the heavens above. If they want to pass me then yay! If not, then so be it. As an anxious person, I do have some back up plans. Heh.

My first week is quite fruitful. I watch animes after animes, it’s like a dream come true. Being able to watch animes that are on my queue feels like an accomplishment. Yeeeee!! Lol. Also, my blog is coming back to life too. Consistent views are coming in, its making me happy. In some ways, it made me happy that I come back.

But, not everything is happiness though. Sigh.

What’s up with my laptop lately? You might have noticed that I post alot of quick and less efforted entries compared before, well, the reason to that is my MacBook Air. It’s abit laggy these days, I can’t edit my posts as much as I want to. I could only type properly my reviews using my two phones. I can’t even watch animes, concerts and other videos on my Mac cuz, yeah, it’s freakin’ laggy. Atleast I have my 2 phones for my watching. Though, right now, it seemed to have calmed down. I’ll take this opportunity to edit as much as I can.

Now, I want to share some updates about the blog.

I might change the looks of my blog again. I dunno when exactly I’m going to do that, but it is soon. I’m getting bored with it’s theme and looks so I am going to change it again.

For my not anime-related posts, I am going to start posting tomorrow. If you had read my comeback post, I said I would post an anime-related entry alongside with it, but due to time constraints, I don’t think I could do that. Lel. So I’ll just post them as is. Just like the anime posts, its going to be random but still at 5 pm, PH time.

Another update, ehem….I will be participating in doing the 12 DAYS OF ANIME. Yaaaaay! I always wanted to do this. I wasn’t able to do last year, but I came prepared for this year. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

I’ll try my best to make quality entries, though don’t expect too much from me. Heh.

Anyway, I think that’s everything I want to say and share right now.

Sorry for this random post. I just want to share I guess.

Thanks for reading!!


2 thoughts on “Just me and my thoughts.”

  1. I wonder if you should do a complete reinstall of your MacBook Air? Mine’s an old i5-based unit, and it’s spritely even with MacOS Mojave! Do you have an Apple Store nearby? Maybe the genius bar could help?

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