At a crossroad…

Hi guys and gals! Here with a scribble. I’m feeling angst-y. I hope you won’t get triggered by me and have great days all the same.


My heart is at a crossroad,

Should I leave?

Or should I stay?

I fought for you… for us…

And after everything that’s happened,

‘I love you’, I said…

And you told me the same.

But you want to stay friends,

Saying you’re not ready.

It pains me to no end,

Do I wait ’till you’re ready?

Well can I, really?

My heart is wounded,

My commitment — jaded.

Though I’m still hoping,

But it feels like I’m the only one fighting.

I’m exhausted and done,

Slowly letting go of the idea of us as one.

Let the Universe decide,

For our greatest good, I abide.

~ Floaty~



How can two people who love and would want to be with each other decide not to be with each other? Sigh. This push and pull thing is killing me inside.




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  1. Love has always been a complicated matter. There is no straight forward answer to it. Some fall out of love, but retain that feeling of caring for one another, which isn’t the same thing ofc.

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