My Deadly Top 7: Top Favorite Japanese TV Series

Ooohohohohoho. After sharing to you guys my current favorite japanese films, I now wanna share my top jdorama favs. Compared to the movies, I had watched quite alot of japanese dramas. Dunno how much, but I do know its less than the animes. LOL. Not only jdramas, but also kdramas & chinese/taiwanese dramas but thats... Continue Reading →


Music Album Feature: “Do Me A Favor” by Suzuki Airi

Hello, Everyone! Today is  special day! Ooohohohohoh. It's my birthday!! I thought of doing something special or a special entry...but nah. Instead, I want to review this album that was recently released, "Do me a Favor" by Suzuki Airi. Ever since the disbandment of her groups, C-ute & Buono, I wanted Airi to pursue solo.... Continue Reading →

Spring Season Anime watching update!

Ooohohohohoho. The spring season is almost up and I haven't even watch half of all the animes I planned to watch this season. I was supposed to watch them before, but I got caught up with binge-watching some old animes to a point that I had neglected this season's anime. So for now, let me... Continue Reading →

Long Riders: After Thoughts

Ooohohohho. Time to rewatch some anime I dropped last year. Long Riders is an anime I thought I would never finish. Its a slice of life sports anime about a girl discovering how awesome road biking is. From that premise alone, I would get hooked. But this anime went through alot of setbacks (inconsistent art, 3D... Continue Reading →

TV Series Feature: Riverdale

Ooohohohohhoo!! It's been awhile since I made a tv series feature. It can't be helped, watching tv series is not really my priority right now. Anyway, I just want to share my thoughts about this series I  watch but then I got disappointed after seeing the new season. Yep, I dropped this 'famous' tv series.... Continue Reading →

Momokuri (TV): After Thoughts

Here is another lighthearted romance anime I recently finished watching. Momokuri is one of those animes that you can't stop grinning while watching. The story is so cute, the characters are so adorable, and their interactions are so enjoyable to watch. Totally recommended. That's all. LOL. I just reviewed the whole series in 3 sentences.... Continue Reading →

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